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For all horses and ponies you can experience the fun and excitement of jumping. Today we will build a pony jumping area with jumps and grandstands for the audience. The Wintec Pro Pony Jump Saddle is suitable for use from training to competition and offers both ponies and young riders absolute comfort.

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325 m/min and pony club jumping regulations. Policies:No member is allowed to join a member over 18 years of age. 2. The number of submissions is restricted to horses/ponies in the competition which are not: Already short-listed for a UK eventing or jumping squad with the actual equestrian.

If there is an equal number of mistakes, a jump-off takes place in which the entire squad takes part; and if this leads to an equal number of mistakes, the squad with the fastest total times for the three drivers with the lowest number of mistakes is in the winning field.


Every horse and pony can enjoy the thrill and thrill of jumping. Participants receive errors when they put down a barrier, stop at a barrier (garbage) or walk around a barrier (run-out). When you skip a free round, go to the jump-off.

It is a shorter course that must be jumped as quickly as possible, because the champion of a course is the mare and the horseman with the least mistakes and the most speed. Usually, most pony club competitions involve jumping, so this is a good place to see if you like it.

There are many contests, including jumping, that your branch or centre can run all year round. If you are comfortable enough, you can try your first jumping competition, which is conducted at all level throughout the whole land to meet you and your pony.

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