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Jumping improves the agility and concentration of horse and rider. Jumping tournaments only have different penalties, heights and some other rules than jumping competitions or combined training. Equestrian, pony & jumping. At this year's Liverpool International Horse Show, exciting pony grand prix shows will be held for all three classes.

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Jumping enhances the flexibility and concentration of horses and riders. He uses a number of different abilities to overcome a number of hurdles, and he uses his mind to find the right line and approach to enable the jumping ability. It is the aim of the horse-rider combo to master the course without mistakes and disobedience.

Contests: As a rule, a jumping tournament consists of several laps with completely different parcours, which are challenging for the horses and riders in many ways. Jumping classes can be 8 to 12 obstructions, incl. waters, wall, panels and combination, or a row of several jumping in a row.

Horses and horsemen have to master the given route in the given period without falling down the element or hitting the ground. Once each lap is finished clearly and without penalty, the horses and horseman go on a short course as a leap in speed. The members take part in a three- to four-man riding stable manager competition and generally do three jumping laps in a single outing.

A round is a classic jumping round, one is directed over the fence by the rider shape (riding), and in the finals round the members must skip all barriers in the area. The National Championships are open to members who have qualified for their region.

Horsemen are chosen from members who are qualified for USEF show jumping by achieving the highest score in the pony division.

This is the offical website of Britisch Show Jumping.

Pony Teams Home: Teams - 128 cm, 138 cm, 148 cm, debut (148 cm) according to the driver's ages in each size class. Now ALL Ponys must wear a microchip and ALL horsemen must keep their Pony 5 Star part 1 and 2 with the Home Pony accessories. Clarifying the suitability of drivers for each nation:

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