Pony Training Aids

Training Pony

Training aids for ponies, training lines, lungeing, anti-pasture, belts, pony earplugs and pony anti-spooking. Bangs training aids. Turn reins. Longe equipment and training aids. Horse training harness includes: It consists of high-quality webbing with leather cushions and reinforcements and is equipped with D-rings for attaching training aids.

Dover's Training Belt

Therefore, with our 100% contentment warranty, you can buy with confidence: if you make a choice that does not fit you or your horses, you can give it back for a full refund, substitute or change. Undocumented returned items can get the minimum retail value of the last 60 business days in a voucher or present voucher.

Second-hand saddles must be surrendered within 30 workingdays after purchase. Helmet and protective equipment important to the driver can be return in mint condition up to 30 working days after the date of sale with genuine packing and manufacturer's trailers. Sharing your concern, we work closely with industry professionals to ensure a high-security ordering area.

Under the Fair Credit Act, if you are experiencing cheating, your bank will not be held responsible for more than $50.00 in charge of you. To protect yourself, you must immediately inform your payment service provider of any chargebacks you have made and comply with the procedure described in your contract.

Westerns Horse Training Martingale & Forks - Cutters

Martingale are a handy item of equestrian gear that is sometimes permitted in school and/or in the judges contest. Obviously this gear will help horses to have a correct headstock so that they look more representative and do not meet the competitor by lifting their faces too high. All of our training Martingale products come from Billy Royal®, Dura-Tech®, Victor Supreme and Premier brand names used by professionals.

Mercals and yokes both work by permitting full side curvature, but limit perpendicular curvature and create compression that makes it hard for a saddle to raise or toss its tail above the required level. Walking around the next piece of string is a harness, while a training yoke is a base yoke with straps for the rein.

Both our training limbs and yokes are made of smooth but refined genuine genuine Western leathers with a traditionally styled, massive brassy finish that is remarkable for its durability. In contrast to laying down, the horses have a full side-to-side motion and are exercised in the right position and equilibrium. Select from different style and colour choices when choosing the right westerns style yoke or the right Martin Gal for your horses.

Selected Martin gaiters also feature variable fork and collar adjustment to achieve precision lever action. You can use racing martyrs, which allow the horseman to relieve the stress immediately, or go with a martyr from Germany if you need extra training that only has a lever effect. If you have a non-competitive stallion, a West leisure Martiningale can make relaxed horseback rides a more worthwhile one.

Schneider's has free shipment for qualified orders and 100% satisfied with these heavy-duty Martingale's that are efficient and have a classic Old West look.

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