Pony Turnout Sheet

bangs flyer

Safeguard your pony from the worst winter with the ultimate switch armor! Hooded Mio Pony Fly Sheet. Weatherbeeta Essential Standard Medium Pony Blanket. Horseware's favourite paper is now available in pony sizes! This high Baker-style horse can gallop in the Hi-neck Baker soft cloth, with the same legendary durability we are known for in stable blankets.

SmapPak Ultimate Pony switch plate

Safeguard your pony from the harshest winters with the perfect crossover armour! SmartPak Ultrtimate Pony switch plate is our hardest watertight plate for the pony so far. Featuring a durable non-slip cover that withstands chafing and tearing, this rug is the perfect option for a very durable pony.

We are so sure that it will take years to provide it with a 10-year indestructible warranty. We have you and your pony under control - no matter what happens! 10 years indestructible guarantee - the small print: We are so convinced of the robustness and stability of the SmartPak Ultimate Nylon Turnout Tarpaulin that we will either exchange it or return it if something happens within 10 years of your order - no difference what happens!

The warranty does not apply to quilts where the stitching is sewn in a location other than the webbing, as it affects the fabric of the quilt.

Imigo Bravo 12 Original Pony Point Card

Horseware's favourite paper is now available in pony size!

The turnout ceiling is fitted with the Horseware hooded and liners system for quick and easy heat transfer.

hino Pony Wug switch slip

Highest of the Line in terms of qualitiy, style and an accessible priced product! Rhino® Wug watertight soft plug provides top performance and style at an economical cost. Classically good looks and a nice bay and taupe checks make this appealing choice that you will be enjoying for years to come.

Sturdy 1000 denier polypropylene shell with silky-soft polypropylene liner. Horseware's Rhino Pony Wug has our proprietary Arches front leg, which allows you to move forward freely because it keeps additional material from collecting around your pony's leg as it travels, Classic-Cut, no panty style with waist straps and waistbelt to keep this long-lasting and well-fitting soft in place even after the pony has been laid down and rolled.

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