Pony wonder Bit


Bit Wonder Pony is a bit big for your pony! Miniature Horse Wonder Bit. Ideal for the start of a green mini-horse/pony. Made of stainless steel with an articulated jaws, this set of teeth is a wonder gag bit for pony or miniature horses.


Tailor-made for your pony. This bit is NOT pony big except for the bit length (4.5"). Thighs are at least 5 inch, the ring is big enough to hold a punch, and it weights the same as the whole of my pony's head.

Store the 20 (retail 35 - this is a joke) and find something really suitable for a pony's small lips. Get discounts and 10% off your first shopping now!

Miniature Kelly Horse Wonder Bit: Chic Discount Saddlery

Designed for your small horses! This is Kelly Minature Horses Wonder Bit. Ideal for the start of a small tree horse/pony. This bit allows more lever action and flexibility when turning and offers more controllability at higher speeds. Ideal for pony-speeds. I' d highly recommended this one. I' d highly recommended this one. Shipment from our Harrington, Delaware stockroom.

Whenever possible, we send with UPS or the United States Postal Service.

Stainless steel articulated mouthpiece - minature horse

Articulated mouthpiece in high-grade high-grade high-grade steal in Miniatur-Pferde and Ponygrößen. Articulated mouthpiece is made of high-grade and has a joint opening. If the bridles are on the mouthpiece, the bit is in a soft bridle adjustment. Comes in 3-1/2 in. and 4-1/2 in. pony-sized.

Reviews about the famous Gag/Wonder Bit

I was just thinking, what do you have to say about this part? I' ve listened to both beautiful and totally awful things about this piece, but I haven't really listened to an in-between thing. I' ve used a miracle bit that sits outside in my saddle chest, never, just came with a play kit that I purchased.

I' m beginning to get interested because I recently purchased a new pony keg. Excellently exercised, not back/back, listening very well to queues (not only play and go, he can side pass and back only from queues). Thinking or not that I need a miracle bit, I would like any information you want to divide, and I am also open to bit-suggestion!

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