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Most popular book club books of the past decade In order to help you, we have compiled a listing of some of the most popular books clubs over the past ten years. Look at the books, along with US publication data and publisher description. This band that was growing between this group of outsiders was one of loving and trusting, and in the end it was their only chance of surviving.

It is the deeply touching history of a voyage. She courageously envisions a courageous destiny in which no longer does there remain hopes, in which the father and his sons, "the whole of the other's world", are carried by it. It is an unshakeable contemplation of the best and most terrible that we are able to do: ultimative destruction, frantic perseverance and the affection that keeps two human beings living in the face of complete destruction.

They are distracted by the judge's chef, whose thoughts are often with his own Biju boy, who jumps from one grainy New York place to another. Desai's brilliantly written novel, which has been released with great success, is a tale of happiness and desperation. Their figures face many decisions that shed majestic light on the effects of a colonialist collide with the contemporary age.

The Elizabeth Gilbert Love touches the globe and changes innumerable lifetimes, inspired and empowered billions of readership to seek their own best self. It is the history of how she inherited all these external traces of triumph and began to investigate three different facets of her natural life against the background of three different cultures: joy in Italy, dedication in India and on the Bali Islands of Indonesia, a equilibrium between secular indulgence and godly transendence.

Markus Zusak's memorable tale about the book's capacity to nourish the spirit is the New York Times' exceptional best seller, which is now a great feature film. She is a caring mother who lives outside of Munich and who scrapes out a meagre life through theft when she meets something she cannot withstand - books.

Using her caregiver' s concertina, she teaches reading and communicates her books with her neighbours during bomb attacks and with the Jew hiding in her cellar. Within 19 mins you can make cookies or have a dental fill; you can wrinkle the linen for a five -person household... In 19 mins you can stop the worid, or you can just leap off it.

The New York Times best-selling novel by Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes is the rawest, most sincere and most important novel to date. Allen Phillips' youngest son, Missy, was kidnapped during a holiday, and proof that she could have been cruelly assassinated is found in an abandoned cabin far in the Oregon wild.

Anything he finds there will make a difference in his Iife forever. A cute but catastrophically obese bogeyman named Oscar, he lives in a house in New Jersey that he divides with his mom and his insurgent nurse and is dreaming of becoming the Dominican J.R.R.R. Tolkien and above all of loving him. Guilt is the fault of Oscar's father and son named Fernando Santo Domingo - a spell that has followed Oscar's entire familiy for generation after generation, accompanying them on their legendary trip from Santo Domingo to the USA.

The Brief Wonderrous Life of Oscar Wao embodies Dominican-American story, opens our minds to an amazing view of modern America's experiences, and investigates the infinite ability of man to hold out in the name of charity - and take risks. Khaled Hosseini has returned after 103 New York Times bestselling week and selling 4 million of The Kite Runner, with a lovely, compelling and compelling novel that reaffirms his place as one of the most important authors of literature of our time.

Mariam and Laila, who were conceived a long time apart and have very different concepts of life, marriage and marriage, are two very different wives who are suddenly reunited by conflict, bereavement and doom. Hosseini shows with heartbreaking strength and tension how a woman's loving relationship with her loved ones can lead her to shoot shots and perform self-sacrificing actions, and that in the end, loving or even remembering loving is often the secret to surviving.

Breathtaking performance, A Thousand Splendid Suns is a vivid, heart-rending, captivating tale about an irreconcilable era, an unlikely relationship, and an unbreakable emotion. Lisa Genova, New York Times best-selling writer and neuro scientist, brings the ultimate - and insightful - novel about Alzheimer's illness. Howland is proud of the lives she has worked so long for.

As she becomes more and more disorientated and oblivious, a dramatic diagnose changes her lifestyle - and her relation to her home and the rest of the planet - forever. While struggling with Alzheimer's, she finds out that her value is far greater than her capacity to recall. Still Alice is a vibrant and touching portrayal of early Alzheimer's that is as convincing as A Beautiful Mind and as memorable as the average person.

When Juliet and her new secretary share mail, Juliet is dragged into the man's and his friends' worlds - and what a wonderful excentric she is. She begins a noteworthy correspondance with the members of the Association and learns from their islands, their tastes for books and the effects of the recent occupations on their life.

However, a terrible tragedy when she was seventeen years old destroyed her own personality and made her realize the frailty of living and the weakness of happiness. He was serious and pensive, and he would rather break a gag than provide a genuine understanding; he was the prosperous son of a stronghold member of the Republikan Partei, and she was a college library attendant and enrolled Democrat.

She felt at ease in her calm and modest lifestyle and was accustomed to his charm. When Alice discovers she's struggling through the odd customs of her countryside clubs and resorts amidst the energetic and self-confident class of the Whitewellers, she's restless with her newly found happiness.

While Charlie's turbulent and disputed second White House tenure continues, Alice has to face years of contradictions: How can she ever stop loving and contradicting her man? What complicity was she in the development of her own existence? The New York Times best-selling writer Curtis Sittenfeld has produced her most vibrant and sophisticated character to date in Alice Blackwell.

A beautifully crafted novel that interweaves classy, richness, race and the demands of destiny into a vibrant wall hanging - a novel in which the unpredictable becomes unavoidable and the joys and sorrows of privacy and romance are revealed. Edgar Sawtelle was borne as a dumb man who speaks only in signs and lives an ideal world with his family on their farmyard in the isolated north of Wisconsin.

As Edgar's dad died abruptly, Claude became involved in farming lives - and in the affection of Edgar's mom. Edgar is compelled to escape to the far reaches of the savannah beyond the farmyard, where he grows up in the great outdoors struggling for his own and the three yearlings' livelihood.

Masterful story-teller, David Wroblewski's stunning footage - the elementary Northwood, the swing of the year, a legendary US shed, a fate story in the rains - creates a gripping narrative, a brilliantly explored frontier of languages and a obsessively legible contemporary work.

16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who is living alone with her mom and younger sibling, considers it a condemnation to die if she is compelled to defend her county at the games. Katniss was almost extinct and surviving is a matter of course for her. However, if she wants to gain, she must make decisions that balance surviving against mankind and living against loving.

The New York Times best-selling writer, Suzanne Collins, provides tension and philosphy, adventures and romanticism in even parts in this burning novel that leads into a futures with disturbing parallelisms to our present. Jacquetta is her dam, also known as the mystic Queen of the River, and she is even more resolved to add strength and fortune to the line of the herd.

A 16-year-old Nigeria child and a wealthy Brit collides in this page-turning best-seller and New York Times favourite by Chris Cleave. It' s a really peculiar tale and we don't want to ruin it. History begins there, but the manuscript doesn't. From Addis Ababa to New York City and back, Editing for Stone is an memorable tale of romance and treachery, medicines and common wonders - and two brethren whose destinies are forever interwoven.

However, when the Second World War began, the athletes became aviators and embarked on a trip that in 1943, on an afternoon on the Main River, resulted in a deadly plane. Zamperini lived when his air force air raider plunged the army into the Pacific Ocean against all resistance, drifting on a sinking liferaft. Unzerbrochen is an memorable testimony to the resistance of man's soul, heart and soul, which was clearly awakened to live by Seabiscuit writer Laura Hillenbrand.

Henrietta's cell has been purchased and resold a billion times, but she is practically unidentified and her parents cannot buy medical coverage. The New York Times' epic best seller recounts a gripping tale of the clash between ethical, racial and medical, of science discoveries and belief and of a daugther consumpted with issues about a mom she never knew.

and the woman of Walter's dream. Along with Walter - environment attorney, bicyclist, family man - she made her small contribution to building a better future. So why did your adolescent boy move in with the aggressive neighboring Republican familiy? Jonathan Franzen has given us in his first novel since the corrections an epos of modern romance and matrimony.

Franzen has recorded the faults and pleasures of the freedom character struggling to understand how to survive in an increasingly complex environment and has painted an ever more vivid and profound portrayal of our age. With her ardent devotion to her boy, she has given him a living in this 11 x 11 foot room.

It is a thrilling, captivating and intoxicating narrative - a narrative about invincible charity under shattering conditions and about the diamond-hard connection between a woman and her family. A silent 28-year-old, Hadley Richardson has almost given up loving and happily ever after - until she encounters Ernest Hemingway.

Although the Hemingways are in deep fall, they are ill-prepared for the stable, fast-paced and free-living lives of Jazz Age Paris. The Parisian wife is a heart-rending depiction of romance and shattered allegiance, all the more moving when we know that Hemingway eventually writes that he would rather have been dead than fall in love with someone other than Hadley.

It was six and a half years ago that Mark Watney became one of the first astronauts to travel on Mars. The New York Times' award-winning best-selling writer Ann Patchett comes back with a confident and thought-provoking novel about morals and wonders, sciences and sacrifices in the Amazon jungle. Patchett, who pervades the storyline with the same resourcefulness and emotionality as her celebrated earlier books Bel Canto, Taft, Run, The Magician's Assistant and The Patron Saint of Liars, provides a compellingly cutting-edge storyline about aspiration, exploration and bonding in State of Wonder - a thrilling storyline of adventures and a deep insight into the tough decisions we make in the name of discovering and loving.

At the age of two, Tom and Isabel returned to the continent and were told that there were other human beings in the whole earth. It was a strong, fiery and sincere memory: the tale of a 1,100 mile long walk by a soloist who crashed and rebuilt a young lady surprised by the disaster. Following the deaths of her mom, her wife and daughter dispersed and her own home was soon ruined.

She made the most stimulating choice of her lifetime four years later, without losing more: to walk the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington State "and do it alone" - but it was a pledge to reassemble a lifetime that had been lifted.

Louise Clark is an average little gal who leads a very average lifestyle - a girlfriend, a tightly knit home - hardly further away than her little town. He has always led a giant existence - big business, extremes, global travels - and now he's quite sure he can't lead the way he is.

Hearing that Will has his own shock schemes, she set off to show him that quality of live is still there. It' a romance for this generations and perfectly for John Green's The Fault in Our Stars fan, Me Before You puts two characters to live who couldn't have less in common-a heartbreaking romance that asks, "What do you do when you make the loved one feel lucky, means break your own toast?

13-year-old New Yorker Theo Decker wondrously lives through an unfortunate incident in which his mom is killed. Theo is left by his dad and taken in by the relatives of a prosperous mate. Confused by his odd new home on Park Avenue, troubled by classmates who don't know how to speak to him, and tortured above all by his yearning for his mom, he holds on to the one thing that reminded him of her: a small, mysterious, gripping picture that finally pulls Theo into the underground of the arts.

They are estranged and in fall in love with each other - and in the midst of a narrow, increasingly perilous group. Stieglitz is a fascinating nocturnal victory, an old-fashioned tale of bereavement and possession, surviving and self-realization, and the reckless intrigues of doom. New York Times' Christina Baker Kline's #1 best-selling novel - the gripping tale of a 91-year-old female with a secret past as an Orphan Railroad driver and the young Teenager Maiden, whose own restless youth makes her search for answer to long-shed questions...now with an expanded sequence aimed at the number one reader's asked choice and an extract from Kline's forthcoming novel A Piece of the World.

Were they adopted by a friendly and affectionate host familiy, or would they be confronted with a youth and youth of forced labour and bondage? Vivian Daly, a young Irishman, was such a young boy who was sent by train from New York City to an unknown destination in another city. Vivian returns to the Orient later in life and lives a calm, tranquil Maine coastline that blurs the memory of her education.

He' s a cheapskate - the kind of man who points to someone he doesn' t like as if they were robbers who got busted in front of his sleeping room windows. Folks call him "the harsh neighbour from hell." The capricious appearance conceals a history and a sorrow. Feeling good in the Unlikely Pilgrim Trip of Harold Fry and Major Pettigrew's Last Booth, Fredrik Backman's novel about the furious old man next door, is a thought-provoking investigation into the deep effects a lifetime has on innumerable others.

She is an unbelievably prosperous business woman, a supporter of her small fellowship and a dedicated woman and mom. Their lives are as well-ordered and flawless as their homes. Handful " Hetty Grimke, a Charleston early 19 th centuries female slaves, longs for a lifetime beyond the stifling wall they imprison in the rich Grimke family.

Sarah, the Grimke's daugther, knew from an early age she had to do something big in the whole wide kingdom, but she is restricted by the boundaries of woman. Over the next thirty-five years, we pursue their noteworthy travels, as both seek a separate existence that shapes each other's fates in a dramatic way and forms a intricate relation characterized by blame, spite, alienation, and the restless paths of charity.

Charleston is a woman who is afraid of her younger brother Angelina. Sarah will see squashed hope, treachery, unrequited charity and condemnation before she leaves Charleston to find her place next to her intrepid younger sibling Angelina as one of the early pioneers behind the elimination and movement for women's liberties. Influenced by the historic character of Sarah Grimke, Kidd goes beyond the records to complete the sumptuous inner workings of all her personalities, both actual and fictional, and includes Handful's wily mom Charlotte, who runs in quest of something better.

Station Eleven is a bold, dark and sparkling novel that takes place in the uncanny times of the breakdown of civilisation and recounts the gripping tale of a Hollywood celebrity, his would-be rescuer and a nomad group of cast members wandering through the dispersed outskirts of the Great Lakes area, putting everything at risk for the arts and people. Hospital are swamped and Jeevan and his elder are barricaded in an appartment and watch from the windows how automobiles block the motorways, shots sound and their lives fall apart.

Together, this small group travels between the colonies of a changed planet, playing Shakespeare and musical pieces for dispersed survivor populations. Posted on her wagon and tattooed on Kirsten's arms, there is a line from Star Trek: "Because surviving is inadequate. This exciting, elegant novel, which stretches over a period of years, travels back and forth in the course of history and depicts pre and post pandemic situations clearly, is full of allure.

When Arthur loves himself, when Jeevan sees the newsreaders say goodbye, and when Kirsten gets into the cross-hairs of the prophesy, we see the curious turns of events that unite them all. Station Eleven, a novel of arts, remembrance and ambitions, narrates a history about the relations that support us, the epidemic natures of glory and the beauties of the earth as we know it.

Werner is increasingly conscious of the costs of his intellect and journeys through the hearts of men and women to Saint-Malo, where his history and that of Marie-Laure meet. Skilfully he interweaves the life of Marie-Laure and Werner and lights up the ways, in spite of all resistance humans try to be good to each other.

The way she sees it, her whole live is just fine. Nothing different than the recent loss of lives. We find out who we want to be in it. Lacking nourishment, cash or hopes, as the threat is escalating everywhere around her, she is compelled to make one seemingly endless election after another to keep her whole home safe.

Walking along the streets of the unfamiliar horrors of battle, Parisian parishioners, thousand of them, meet Gäetan, a French guerilla who thinks that the French can defeat the Nazis from within France, and she loves him like only the boys can... entirely. However, when he betrayed her, Isabelle joined the resistance and never looked back, always putting her own lives at risk to rescue others.

The best-selling writer Kristin Hannah captured the epidemic view of the Second World War wit bravery, charm and strong insights, illuminating an inner part of the story that is rarely seen: the Women's Revolution. This nightingale recounts the tales of two nuns, divided by years and experiences, by ideal ism, passions and circumstances, each following their own perilous road to surviving, loving and freeing themselves in a war-torn France invaded by Germans - a heart breaking novel that commemorates the resistance of the mind and the permanence of woman.

"Abby Whitshank always described the days when she had fallen in love with red in July 1959 as a nice, airy, yellowish-green afternoon..." Spending more or less free away from her mom and the rhythm of her everyday lives and increasing her possession of Suzanne, Evie does not notice that she is getting ever nearer to the unimaginable force.

She is the hell for all slave, but especially for Cora; as an rejected one, even among her African fellows, she comes into femininity - where even greater pains await her. While Whitehead vividly recreates the peculiar pre-Civil War horrors for blacks, his story interweaves smoothly the tale of America from the violent import of Africans to the unrealized present promise.

Paul Kalanithi was found to have stadium IV pulmonary carcinoma at the tender age of 36, shortly before he completed ten years of neurosurgical schooling. If breath becomes air chronics Kalanithi's Kalanithi's transformations are "possessed" by a naive medicine undergraduate, as he writes, "by asking what, since all organism dies, makes a virtueful and significant life" in a neuro surgeon at Stanford works in the brains, the most crucial place for man's innate personality, and eventually in a patients and new fathers who faces his own deaths.

In the face of dying, what makes a lifetime liveable? And what do you do when the present, no longer a leader to your aims in your lives, is transformed into an eternal present? When another dies, what does it mean to have a kid, lead a new one?

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