Port Bit

Connection Bit

Middle / High Port Bits - Tailors Middle and high kerbs reduce the latch force and raise the bar load, generating a strong sign. Port over 2" can also put strain on the taste buds to promote curvature in the survey. High port bytes should be used by expert drivers, as it is the driver's hand that makes touch with the taste buds and determines the weight of all of them.

In order to generate a strong sound and exert a higher force on the rods and less on the tip of the reed, Schneiders provides these middle and high kerbstones. Harbours measuring more than 2 inch can also put a lot of strain on the horse's mouth and encourage the horse to bend.

We have mid and high port bytes from well-known labels like FES, Professional's Choice®, Robart? and Myler. The FES provides a large selection of mid and high port bytes. There is a light grass chisel well suitable for middle class practice and an ancient bronce tyre chisel well suitable for experienced horse in the West.

The mouthpieces are intended for expert horsemen and horsewomen. They have characteristics such as nickle coated and decorated with dark grey nickle, brass insert or soft metal to promote the flow of saliva, aluminium etched cheek pieces, ancient bronce turning cheek pieces with engraving on them, pivot port, brass rolls and ornamental nails inox.

Professional's Choose provides a clear-signal set of bit, which, as the name implies, encourages powerful two-way communications between you and your equine and only exerts force when the bit is in use. They are good for inexperienced but need more lever-arm. Robart's spring-loaded adjustment bit allows you to edit each page separately.

You can use these tokens to help the horse raise at the shoulders. They are made of galvanized brass with beautifully etched overlay.

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