Portable Horse Jumps

Wearable horse jumps

A new concept to meet the ever-increasing demand for portable horse jumping, Packajump is revolutionizing the way jumps are transported and built. Transcript : The Full Mushroom Jump Portable Cross Country Jumps www.jumpcraft.com.au.

You can challenge your horse and yourself without cutting down a tree or moving a real trunk.

Wearable training jumps order

Convenient and economical ways to maximise room and flexibility In a course, you often need the smallest number of units to achieve your workout goals. With the development of equestrian sports, most horse owners were living on farm and there was more freedom for education; today we no longer have this kind of luxuriousness.

Training is often conducted in smaller and smaller areas, so agility is vital. You' re just getting started and have a tight schedule, or you can have an already established training course that you want to make more interesting. One way or another, the addition of just a few multi-purpose portable gives you the most blast for your money.

We offer standardised portable cross-country jumps that are as robust and long-lasting as tailor-made competitive portals. In training, they are used to familiarize the horse and rider with the hurdles they will encounter in competitions. Portable can also be used on your race track in conjunction with fixed fencing as a cheaper option to individual jumps.

The portable cross-country jumps are easily moved as they can be pulled or lifted and worn and are easily maintained. Throughout the years, we have constructed and optimized hundreds of portable fencing systems to optimize the processes to achieve maximum throughput. These are very inexpensive and in most cases a smaller versions of the jumps we have made.


Made of durable thermoplastics, Packajump is stiff, secure and maintenance-free. Featuring a smooth sleek construction, the patented Auto-Lock system makes the bounce look pro and allows you to inflate and deflate quickly. As a result, costly items no longer need to be stored outdoors or in costly warehouses.

It is a portable, portable, professionally performed and secure horse-jumping. It is a portable, portable, professionally performed and secure horse-jumping.

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