Portable Horse Stalls

Handheld horse boxes

The Portable Horse Boxes in Dublin are a prefabricated, free-standing, portable stable system. The online source for portable buildings, barns, shelters, car garages, storage rooms, portable horse boxes, riding halls, stable mats, canopies, party tents, carports. The Sunset Valley Metal Craft is your trusted source for high quality portable horse stalls. It can be used as a portable stable as well as a fixed set! Alan's Outlet Factory sells high quality portable stables at competitive prices in the style, colour, material and size you need to fit your stable.

The Dublin Horse Stables | Portable Panel

RAMM is the leading hot-dip galvaniser for horse stalls. Dublin portable box panels are free-standing, portable horse boxes. This stable system is very powerful and can be used both as fixed and occasional horse stalls - so don't let the term "portable" distract you!

It can be used as stables for horse shows, exhibitions and special occasions, as it is easy to stack and carry. They are also powerful and long-lasting enough to be permanently mounted in your stables. Every Dublin portable panelling system is fully sealed with the realisation of our concealed welding seams.

It also means that there are no sweat ridges that can cause injury to the horse. The number one in our business is a more secure option, and our portable panels in Dublin are no different. The stables also have no open timber borders, so that there is no risk of chewing or tingling on the timber work.

They can be adapted to the special needs of your stable. We manufacture all our boards to order so that we can ensure that any stable system fits into any interior or hut. Dublin portable box cabinets are either hot-dip galvanised for a stainless steel finishing or painted to give an sleek, classical look.

Combine our Dublin portable panels with our sturdy stable connections. Stable fasteners are made of one-piece, heavy-duty galvanised sheet metal. There is a large selection of stable connections to suit every stable design. Talk to one of our solutions specialists to find out exactly what you need for your design.

Modular stable system | Portable horse boxes

While we don't like to boast, our portable barn system is known in the farming sector for its outstanding power, ruggedness and easy to install. RAMM portable barn system offers a full framework construction, i.e. they can be mounted anywhere, in any configurations and without the need for supporting poles. RAMM's portable barn system is unmatched in the sector.

That is a courageous testimony - and we do not ask you to take us at our word. What is it? The only way to control product qualtiy, as with most of the other big -format articles such as portable stands, is to focus on detail. Of course RAMM has already done this for you, but let's take a look at what the term "quality" means for portable barn equipment.

We are horse lovers like you, so we know how important it is to buy horse care safely and durably. We want power, easy to install, flexible in terms of shape and configurations, security and durability when it comes to portable stands. We do not want a lightweight horse that cannot withstand the strain of an ordinary horse.

Sometimes we need them to face the'not so average' horse, like Fred, our Percheron. And Fred likes to scrape his ass and scrape his face against his stable wall.... well... whatever's practical. Usually, in Fred's case, that's his stable doors. It is securely stored in one of our portable stands.

Well, I suppose you could say that Fred is one of our'field testers', but our stands take everything Fred has to eat. We at Ramm believe that the term "portable" should never be mistaken for faint or brittle. Our portable stables are indeed powerful enough for every horse. This is because we use 14 gauges thick stainless steels.

The welding seams on the inside of our U-profiles are "hidden" for a neat, professionally designed appearance and the security of your horse. Do not put together any clear ridges that could injure your horse. and/or partition walls. This system is powerful enough to stay free-standing. With the connections you can reconfigure your stable layouts as required.

They are all hot-dip galvanised to keep them looking their best for many years to come. They do not require any specific tooling or skill to assemble these stands. Sturdy and long-lasting, our portable stands are recommended for continuous use. When you are looking for something really portable, i.e. stands that can be disassembled, piled up and periodically shifted, have a look at our Racetrack, Finish Line or " fairly " stands.

With our racing track line we use'puck board' for wall (included), a light and extraordinarily powerful replacement for timber. Race track, finish line or'fairground' stands are ideal for hospitals, exhibitions, horse shows, race tracks, catering and breeders... for every kind of event.

One-hand locks make it simple and secure to bring in and out a horse for horse andhandlers. There are also half or full hinged gates - there is a hinge or lining for every horse and every setting! When you are already a client of RAMM, you know how much we value the value of our products' durability, reliability and reliability.

However, we will not be offering a products that does not meet our high demands. Knowing that it is difficult to assess the image qualities of a catalog photograph, we are offering you these informative newsletter to help you make decisions you will be satisfied with for years to come. Wherever you opt for this mind--a mobile barn system should provide superior strength to ( (even for those light giants), durability, security and ease ofthe instal.

RAMM's Portable and Racetrack stands provide all that and the best of everything, they are gorgeous! Please have a look at our horse stalls area HERE to see our complete stable program for your stable.

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