Ported Chain Bit

orted Chain Bit

Ported Chain Mouth Pieces are one of the most popular mouthguards used by our team roping customers. Ancient Roger Branch ported chain chisel, shaft with string, diamonds and dots. Sweet iron chain mouthpiece with rubber feet and chain mouthpiece. Well, some horses respond well to the chain. You can also combine the chain mouthpiece with an opening.


Ported Chain Mountain Parts are one of the most sought after mouthguards used by our team roping clients. There is a lot of feeling to it and it is easy to accept by mostorses. The chisel has a 7 1/2 jaw and is made of rustproof steal. The mouthpiece is mainly used by an experienced horseman.

Classical horse power chain chisel

And it also helps to encourage the horses to brake during the vote. The chain made of sweetsisen is pinch-free and convenient. 7-1/2 " string is the next line in the toolbox. These cheekpieces have a 2-1/2" buy with a 5" shaft. Like the 6 " models, the shaft is swung backwards, but to a smaller extent, which provides more lever action and controll.

With proper use and adjustment, it is still regarded as a gentle cheeks, but one with a lot of lever action to keep the horses under full command at higher speed.

Equivalent power of long shank drill bit

The shaft gives more lever action while keeping the haptics softer. Stepping up from the shorter shaft to allow the driver to move to the next stage of practice. Each of these bit should be set to coincide with a fold in the horse's jaw and a free kerb belt that allows 2-3 fingerings.

These mouthpieces will give the cavalry a little bit of reed and the chain is lightly attached to the hands. The chain allows the reins to move independently, while the opening stimulates collect. As a result, a sweeter flavour is created in the horse's jaw and saliva flow is stimulated.

Base line long port chain

These wonderfully worked baseline teeth are equipped with a LongĀ© shaft. Our Ported Chain is the moutpiece. Every piece is handmade by our skilled artisans on an individually tailored base. In case of any question, please do not hesistate to write an e-mail or call our kind employees in the offices on 307-672-8459. Once you have made a choice and are willing to place your order, make sure you have taken into consideration the finishing and any extra items such as initially, branding or brackets in solid gold with which you wish to customise your work.

Deliveries take four to six working days, as each chisel is manufactured individually after receipt of order. Please give us a call or send us an e-mail to receive information about express deliveries.

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