Prefabricated Horse Stalls

Pre-fabricated horse stalls

EQUUS Easy Setup Horse Stable Kits | Horse Stalls & Doors | Champion Sliding Door | Horse Stalls | Stable Locks | Building Stable Kits Equus Champion sliding door systems are available in both two- and single-leaf versions and have been specially adapted to our Netherlands door systems. Its robust function as well as its aesthetic appealing, artistic design can be left behind with a horse stable system that not only looks good, but is also constructed to meet the demands of the times!

Any Equus stable system can be fitted with classic cross-buck patterns, is available in a wide range of colours and can even be enhanced with the addition of acryl windows. All Equus stables contain all the necessary equipment you need for simple mounting, and all parts are pre-drilled and pre-cut for lightning-fast mounting.

Schwarz welds material and parts are robust against atmospheric influences and have a long service lifetime, which withstands high loads. Folding door, fodder door, grids, goals, partitions, and fronts: We have extremely adaptable powdered blacks for complete horse stalls. Galvanised horse stalls contain galvanised parts to make the steel more weather-resistant.

Prefabricated, galvanised horse stables parts are the best in value and qualitiy. Equus' line of horse boxes for wholesalers includes a range of cutting-edge horse box products specifically designed for the horse industry. It is supplied as a construction set and provides the client with maximum flexibility.

G90 galvanised, gunmetal galvanised, gunmetal and welding finish. Unconstructed holland doorset is delivered with all fittings. Made of the highest grade metal and parts, these barn gates are designed to last. All the 16 gage galvanised sheet metal frames are moulded in one single sheet and then provided with a protective coating.

Its full circumference removes unattractive mitre angles, improves the firmness of the leaf and prevents deformation due to excessive damp. Doors can be fitted cleanly using a fitting or contrast OSB centre encased in 29 Gauge stainless steels. Each hinge is "E" plated to ensure that it is resistant to rust and then painted to suit the doors.

It can be ordered either pre-assembled (AP-4700 series) or unmounted (U-4700 series). Ideally suited for use as external or internal saddle room and office doorframes. We can customize our horse stable slidable gates to meet the needs of your customers. Developed to go with the Equus Dutchoor, the Champ slidable front gives your speakers an elegant, functional look.

Champion sliding doors are available in one- and two-leaf versions, either with either twin transoms or with a transom in the lower part of the wing and a glass in the upper half. Doors are supplied as a construction set. The prepunched and pre-drilled parts ensure simple installation. All you need to do is supply the wood or similar to support the plate to finish the installation of the doors.

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