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Horse Fodder Premium

Premium Progressive Nutrition Horse Feed. It is important to know how to calculate per capita costs per day when evaluating a feeding programme. The Super Horse is a premium product line that offers your horse the entire nutrition in a practical package.

Progressive Nutrition's horse feeds

Horse feed contains three main components that are directly related to general good nutrition and general fitness. That is why we concentrate on the best food resources that can affect a horse's top line in only 30 working nights. Protein: Only the highest grade protein and pure aminos such as lizine, methhionine, threonine und Tryptophan are used.

The research shows that higher value protein leads to a lower amount of feed and better nutritional efficiency. Many feed manufacturers fill their feed s with indigestible fibre when it comes to fibre, which passes through the horse without delivering any nutritional value. That is why we only use fibre that is easily digested, such as turnip chips, to ensure optimum intestinal health so that the horse gets the right food that it needs.

Fats: They are also well tolerated by omega-3 and omega-6 fats. It is the highest grade food supplement for these essentials fat sources - linseed - which contributes to a better horse's hooves and throat. Our formulas are based on conventional nutritional values and the bio-availability of these ingredients for the horse to achieve unsurpassed results.

In order to satisfy the special dietary needs of the single horse, please see our pages Foal Supplements and Supplements.

Premium horse feed extrusions Advtage Premium

The VICTOR® Extruded Advantage Premium Horse Feed was developed to provide a uniquely expandable and easily digested feed. The small bowel intestines of a horse with unboiled seeds such as maize, brown and white grain, etc. is usually between 30% and 45%. Gelatinated starches contained in this formulation are digested at a ratio of more than 90%, which corresponds to an 200-300% gain in small bowel digest.

Made from high grade fibre and healthy seeds - without the addition of flavourings to improve delicacy. Victor Extruded Advantage's 0.4% of your total bodiespan per day supplement keeps most of your horse in good shape with even modest exercise.

The amount of food for breast-feeding bitches, stallions, colts and very hard-working foals can be reliably raised to 1.20% of their average everyday weights. Feeding at least 10 pounds. 4. Zero pounds of Victor Extruded Advance Horse Feed. Up to 12 pounds of Victor Extruded Advance Horse Feed can be fed to your 1000 pounds of horse that needs a lot of power.

Observe the state of your digestive system and make adaptations in your diet to keep you in good shape. Notice: Due to the singular boiling method this feed almost outweighs ½ that of a typically pellet horse feed. Be sure to feed by your own size, not by your own number. Not to be fed to bovine or other ruminants.

The Victor Strtruded Advtage horse feed was developed to complement high grade grass-lew. The horse should be free to choose and take at least 1% of his own personal mass every day. We recommend that you feed your horse at least 24 hrs of good feed and good feed before you introduce it.

Use the following tips to feed. Divide the entire amount of feed per day into two or more of the same feed. Preserve your horse's salts and a high-quality, freely selectable minerals as well as a constant source of clean drinking air. Extruded Advantage is made from high grade fibre and healthy seeds, all of which are very tasty for the horse.

The structure of extrusion is very different from that of breast cereals. The majority of donkeys immediately begin to eat this food, while others take a few extra day to get used to the other structure, especially if they are moving by a cute, texturized food. Co-cobalt glucoheptonate, iron sulphate, calcium iodate, vitamine ester supplement, niacin, D-calcium pantothenate, vitamine A supplement, thiamine mononitrate (source of vitamine B1), L-carnitine, biotin supplement, riboflavin (source of vitamine B2), vitamine B-12 supplement, D-activated animal sterol (source of vitamine D3), pyridoxine hydrochloride (source of vitamine B6), folic acid.

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