Present Ideas for Horse Lovers

Gift ideas for horse lovers

Horse-Lovers' Holiday Gift Guide Presented by Zenyatta: The queen of the sport Looking for the ideal gift for the horse enthusiast this year? to help King of Race! In the following you will find a selection of presents that have been specially developed for motorsport enthusiasts and equestrian athletes of all years. Zenyatta, Queens of Races DVD: The 87-minute feature-length documentation documents the lives of one of the greatest stars of racing:

Featuring more than 90 minute bonuses, back-to-back with all 20 of their race events, this three hour long video contains incredible material from Zenyatta, the king of the game. It is the ideal present for every horse enthusiast this year! Do you know a well-groomed race fiend? These thoroughbred flies are the ideal vacation present!

Longines is the place to be if you are looking for an memorable gift for someone in particular. Longine clocks represent the classic style of a racing event, and their timekeepers are the ideal way to make this wintry season wonder. Cookie cutter for horse and rider: When you know someone who is crazy about cheeks and dressage, this is the ultimative gift!

A ABR Signature Collection by Christine A. Moore Hat: A great gift for the motorsport world! She is the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes and Breeders' Cup World Championships and her ABR line is affordable and classy enough for the best events in the state.

One place in the Race Hall of Fame: When you know a race aficionado, why not a place in the Hall of Fame of Sports? You can buy a stone with a personal note for a short period of in the National Museum of Motorsports and in the Hall of Fame atrium.

It' the ultimative present for the greatest motorsport enthusiast you know! Do you need a Christmas present or a sock for the motorsport enthusiast in your world? Here is the ideal present for children who like race horses! Bill s Khakis Milled Brown Leather Belt: Bills Khakis is known for his American pants, but their belt has quickly become a basic foodstuff for men's outfits.

A great present with the cut off braun strap - it fits perfectly for every look from the afternoons on the race track to the days in the shed. This is Rebecca Ray Horse. Rebecca Ray Horse Bit Cuff:: These bracelets are ideal for holidays: sportive and stylish, it is the ultimative accessoire for the horse enthusiast in your world.

When you know a holly-jolly horseman, think of this Christmas horse ride kit. At $46. 79, you get a horse-sized Santa Claus cap, quarters bow, leggings and bridles adornments. It' great for that joker in your whole lifetime. Horsecards: Decorated with artwork of different horse races and horse sports.

This Kentucky Derby is an ├ęcone of African sport, so what better gift to give this Holiday time of year than a hat that commemorates the run for the rose? Horseshoe Wineshelf: Whether you are looking to celebrate a great victory or the ultimate drive, this shelf is the ideal gift for the wine-loving rider in your orphanage.

It is the ideal present for the pet owners and horse lovers in your lifetime! To be a horse enthusiast often means an early morning: whether you go to the feeding area in the stable or the course to observe the training, the horse enthusiast in your lifetime will appreciate a decaffeinated pick-me-up present this year!

It'?s a horse-county ride: Making a horse lover's dream come alive this vacation period is the best way to bring it to a horse paradise: Kentucky's famous horse land. Contact the professionals at Horse County and let them schedule the ultimate Bluegrass full-blooded farm outing.

Several of the iconic Horse Country Tour resorts have their own souvenir stores; find the ideal present for your favourite California Chrome's house race enthusiast at Taylor Made Farm, Blame's Claiborne Farm or Tiznow's farm at WinStar Farm. Register a horse-crazed child for a junior membership at the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation and you will receive a stuffed pen to name and a picture of a renowned horse from her breeding.

The entire revenue will go to the research of the Grayson-Jockey Club, a non-profit organisation that supports all races of equidox. Horse: Give luck by sponsorship of a horse at the Thoroughbred Foundation this time. Throughout the year, donors are given a personal package about their chosen horse, pictures and upgrades and even the chance to get to know the horse personally.

The" Vollblutpensions-Stiftung" also provides a "child-friendly" package for the little ones who want their own horse.

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