Presents for Girls who Love Horses

Gifts for girls who love horses

A great gift for horse and pony riders and horse lovers. Baby-alive sweet tears is a great gift for the girl who likes to play doctor. Toy for 4 year old girls Light chain & 25 funny soundeffects - from horses to lions! Pixie Powder Mixer Set - Magic! Blend different types of pixie powder with particular magic power!

Wax and make a beautiful fairytree park - cute. Faces make - wood faces with white board & chalk board.

Wonderful woolen wookingbasket full of nice wood-accessoires. Couture is good with this magnetized suit-kit. The fairy's natural magical bean pot! Cultivate your own magical seeds with the help of Fairy Joy. Jigsaw puzzles of 48 pieces with 3-D effect - look at the horses grinning!

Do it Foam 20 Pack - No Mess fun! Utilize the Spell Brush to display four charming fairies. 3 in 1 pocket size projectors with 24 fairytale fantasies. Quick, funny chicken and egg games - no poultry stuff! This inspiring kit shows you how to gently move this 4-hole harp.

Rainbow fill your room with this adorable spot! Sweet kitties and kitties in a funny self-ie 3-D image jigsaw puzzler, lovely nine-piece wood kit in a carrying case - let's do it! Beautiful pixie doors and jewelry boxes waiting to be visited by the toothache. Make your own 27-card imagination dresses-at-arms.

Magic Woodfaerie Door - Faith! Bring a faerie into your home with this charming magic doors. Lustiges wood playset with Fishes & Rod - let yourself be inspired by the numbers! Make a magic flower pot for Lily, the Faerie and her Frost. Roleplay sets made of wood in a carrying bag made of sailcloth - ideal for home visits.

Horseracing & Hardcover Memo Book with magnet closure. Create & make a bear by add a fiery cardio and a filling - too sweet! Hilarious domestic animals in a sweet 48-piece selfie jigsaw puzzler with 3-D effect - smiley! Beautiful, easily erectable marquee with imprinted forest playing surface. The first Smart 5 musicals - ideal for small palms.

Make six breathtaking 3-D toys to match - High Intensity Bodywork. Create and design flexible motion-quickly click into place. Easily erectable marquee with imprinted playing surface - your first Man Cave! Brillant pop up store & stowage case for funny role-playing - let's go!

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