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Doc's Products, Inc. How To Fix : La timidité de la tête chez les chevaux - Horse Racing News

This months issue of How To Fix asks the professionals about their solution for head-shy horses. Horses are afraid of touching the scalp (especially the scalp or ears) and lift the scalp, flying backwards or using other methods to avoid it.

Dr Sue McDonnell, Gründerin des Equine Behavior Program an der University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine : For the protection of people who touch their faces and minds, horses are created just like any other part of their bodies, but with non-confrontational, beneficial use, almost every single animal quickly gets used to manipulating its face and face.

Following this early acclimatization, the evolution of hypophobia may be the consequence of current pains somewhere in the mind or throat. Most of the horses who are most likely afraid of the mind are those who have been unintentionally instructed by pushing and letting go. One classical example that we see again and again is the head-shyness that develops in connection with the bridle: it only needs a few coarse experience where the bridle or the bite was coarse and the teeth have notched a teeth or a gum.

He retreats to avoid unease and then very quickly begins to anticipate and avoid. Horses are very quickly associative among all kinds, so that they make it possible to avoid them. Naturally, even if we no longer like to believe that people intentionally hit horses, the timidity of the mind can arise from personal aggressive or personal contact with the face and throat.

To desensitize the horses by walking very cautiously and taking worthwhile steps to relax. Dr. Bryan Waldridge, specialist in internecine at Park Equine Hospital: Like horses that are timid and timid, I look for stains on the astigmata. When they have an ulceration that has caused a scars in the middle of the eyes, it can impair their eyesight and lead to retina damages that give them a heel.

And the other thing you see from time to time is horses with earsores. I knew that horses get a sharp incision in the ears or some kind of hearing loss and are mousy. And horses that were often shrugged with their ears seem to me to be rather timid.

It is difficult to talk about, because unlike in the case of hounds, the auditory passage of the animal is difficult to examine. When you think a mare has an aural disorder, you better be hoping it's something like a bug in there. The auditory meatus of a horseman is anatomical formed like an I, so that one can see down to the ground and the arms of the I cannot be seen.

Besides, horses are bigger than you, it doesn't help. It' difficult to get a good auditory examination on a steed. So I think a bunch of shy heads may have to do with her alias (vertebrae near the cranial base) and her mandible, so one of the first things we do is have a qiropractor do this.

Adapting to these can be very painful for horses, but also extremely supportive. You have lived with persistent headaches, and then release the stress on the back of your skull. We' re trying not to pin the horses too tight. If we fence them, we take the bridles in chunks and put them around their heads instead of gliding over their heads.

Eventually 90 per cent of the horses have broke this confidence and you have to win it back. In particular, give these horses as much as possible of your own free will.

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