Pretty Mini Pony

Nice mini pony

You will find the perfect miniature pony pretty stick photo. Pony riding with some wonderful, safe, experienced and beautiful ponies. These can be for short-term events such as holidays, short breaks or long-term stays. The colors are very nice PURPLE &TURQUOISE. Have a miniature horse and experience the magic of these really beautiful horses.

Royal The Pony Tack Shop | Riding & Showpieces

It is our goal to offer you and your pony the best top of the range pony from the best producers in all smaller sizing. We proudly support domestic and UK producers. We' re Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) members and in addition to the pony we also run a herd of Dorset Down Sheep and Saddleback hogs in the country.

Ponies Shetland for sale | Sandbeck Stud

We are very proud of our miniature mare which specializes in Shetland Pony, Fallabella Horse, American Miniature Horse and Miniature Donkey and we welcome everyone who wants to come and see us. Most of our basic population was small, but our breed was the best with good bones, good exterior and temperament, most Shetland pony are licensed by the Shetland Pony Studbook Society and in 2013 we received our first Fallabella Breed.

Later, in 2014, the American minature ponies arrived on the ranch and recently, in 2017, we took on the supply of our minature donkeys. To it belonged the purchase of the sun of the most popular Miniatur -Shetlandponys of the wide known Romany Paco named Bulkgwyn Toby from the owner of Romany Paco, Toby has been very well serving us over the years and we breed now with many of his descendants.

Paco is still the only female world and British championship winning Shetland pony at the yearly breeding show, there has never been another Shetland pony or pony that has performed so well in the show ring.

Most of Romany Paco's descendants now win championship in Great Britain and Europe and we now see many Sandbeck-Ponys doing the same, which is such a pleasure and heartwarming. Since then we have added many other breeding lines to our studs, including Edern, Hermits & Merrylees, to name but a few, we also see our own Sandbeck strain as great studs and many who are gay for the tobacco genes, so they will always have colored colts, even for monochrome broodmare.

We have unveiled two new Falabella stallions and two young stallions in 2013, which we hope will be our stallions of the year, we are very happy about the fillies that come every year and have many tired evenings from April to June. For many years we have been breeding these wonderful minature animals and we are one of the worldwide leaders in pony breeding, which exports to China, Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, Finland, Germany and America.

From shelters to community centres across the nation for their community park, we have over 100 stallions and mounts on our yard at all times and the most difficult thing for humans is the decision because we have so many lovely stallions and mounts.

The ponies & horses are all dewormed and have a new necklace and leads, they are all dewormed and trained before departure. If you like our website and get what you need, please don't miss to check out all our pages if you are interested in buying one of our nice thumbs.

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