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The International Brand riding helmets are the result of fifty years of family tradition. Helms designed for other sports, such as cycling, do not provide the same type or protection as a riding helmet. Multicoloured riding helmets for first-class riding helmets for show or training. Equi-Pro Turn & Burn Barrel Racer helmet.

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Four hundred helmets of $7.95 each. $36.00 postage applies to orders under 13 articles. 54.00 postage applies to orders under 36 articles. $1.50 per article applies to orders of 36 articles or more. $1.00 postage for each article applies to orders of 36 or more articles.

Helm Safety Tips

It is not necessarily the most costly one, and it is always worthwhile to be mounted in a professional way when buying a new one! You can try many different helmets when you buy a new one, even within the same make, each style will vary according to top form and sizes.

New helmets should give a comfortable, even squeeze around your whole forehead, as they adapt to the form of your forehead the first time you use them. Extremely high temperature will cause the high quality styrene coating to fuse into the crest, so make sure it is never in the washer, save it in a warm automobile, or leave it sitting in brightly-lit sun.

Use only those items designed specifically for helmets to keep them cleaner. The micro-bubbles in the foam-polyrol coating of the crash helmet ruptur. That' s what will protect your skull in the case of a crash, but it means that part of the headgear will not provide the same level of cover when you drop on it again.

Your crashworthy hat is engineered to conform exactly to your face, so if another driver is wearing it, it will collapse to slip into the hat and may be too loosely once you get it back. If you have long and occasional longhairs, you may need a second one.

Otherwise, your hardhat is too big for your scalp when your coat is down. If you are putting your necktie up, make sure it lies low on your forehead and not in your headgear to prevent bruising. Helmets for other types of sport, such as cycling, do not provide the same level of safety as a riding hat.

Helmets are certificated according to the security norms of horse riding, and the more norms a hat meets, the more accidents it can cover. The horse can be erratic and there is a danger of injuring the horse's heads both on the floor and in the horseback.

The use of a hardhat when getting out, lungeing and cleaning can offer all riders an additional level of security.

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