Products made from Horses

Horse products

All the products that come from pigs. Ovine sheep produce a variety of articles that people use. It is also the main ingredient in most animal glues, as it can be processed into a gelatin that is sticky when wet but hardens as it dries.

There are 13 amazing things about animal products

Humans often think that all they have to do is stop to eat and carry pets to become vegetarian. The Guinness contains Isinglass, a chemicals found in bubbles of freshwater seafood. Several fragrances, especially those that scent of Vanilla, are listed as ingredients in Casoreum. Castingoreum comes from beaver-ricinus sacks - a glands situated between the animal's tank and the basis of its tails.

A lot of plastic materials, such as e.g. shop envelopes, contain chemical substances which are often called "lubricants" and are obtained from fatty acids in animals. Basically, they inhibit the adhesion of polymer ic materials to metal during production and their subsequent adhesion to each other. Downy, the washing powder recommended by the cuddly baby, contains dehydrated sebum methylammonium chloride or a derivate of melted bovine, ovine and equine fats blended with ammonium.

Knochenkohle, a grainy substance made from pet ash, is often used in the purification of refined sugars. The traditional method of producing condoms is to add Kasein, a lubricating amino acid derived from cow's milk. Here, Kasein is a natural ingredient. Enterprises buy it from fishing sheds (especially herring). Part of the carcass recycling industries that dispose of otherwise idle livestock wastes, the manufacture of coloured pencils often involves the use of livestock grease, according to a 2004 Congress paper.

Cochenille buzzards, when dry and comminuted, make a small amount of a substance named crimson, which is used as an all-encompassing colorant in food such as sweets, icecream and yogurt. It is made from the excrements of Kerria lacca (female bugs). Today, many businesses complement orange juices with omega-3 fats found in seafood.

Haemoglobin from pork is present - or at least once - in some tobacco smoke filter.

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