Professional Horse Trainers

Horse trainers for professionals

Horse trainer is a person who takes care of horses and teaches them various disciplines. Are you looking for a horse coach? Are you looking for a horse coach? Beginners or experienced tournament players, the keys to tournament ring victory are the right workout - for your horse as well as for you. It is not for everyone to have the necessary experience or knowledge to create a horse or horseback riding skills.

It is possible that you need the help of a professional. Best of all, you can be sure that the professionals we bring to you have proven the highest levels of professional and professional probity. Recommended only to qualifying members of the ATHA. The most important are these people who are sharing their enthusiasm for working with your horse, the Quarter Horse.

Who is the Certified Association of Humanité ? CHA, a non-profit organisation established in 1967, is headquartered at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. This is the biggest global organisation for the certification of riding instructors in North America. CHA's mission is to foster leadership in horse training and security for the horse sector.

We do this not only by certification of trainers, but also by accreditation of horse institutions, publication of training handbooks and production of horse event for the horse industries. Ask yourself a few simple question before you look for the ideal horse trainer: Would I like to feel more at ease and relaxed on a horse? Would I like to study horseback riding in English or American?

Would I like to take part in riding tournaments? Whatever your destination, you should be riding at least once a weeks, possibly more. Even though a class takes about an hours, an important part of teaching is how to care for the horse and how to attach it, which will add another one. How much is my teaching etc. for?

$40-80/hour one-to-one tuition for newbies. Semiprivate and group classes vary from $20 - 50/hour. If you have found a future horse coach or horse rider teacher, ask him or her: For how many years have you been dealing with the horse? Do you mind if we go horseback-riding with you? Are you offering individual, semi-private and group tuition?

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