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Horsie, feed, horses, breeding, events, show jumping, easifeed, biomare, horse feed, easy feed, rebuild, rider. Gunnedah, New South Wales. The Australian leading manufacturer of high quality extruded horse feed. www.prydes. First of all we just need some basic information about your horse. Next we want to know which pasture your horse is on.

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EasiFeed is a family-owned feed company in Australia. Prydes EasiFeed, headquartered in Gunnedah, New South Wales, is the only plant of its kind that produces extrusion dice, extrusion feed and granulated feed on three independent mills. At Prydes Easifeed we use only the best raw materials in our horse feed so you can be sure that you are getting a high standard of horse feed.

At Bacchus Marsh Farm Supplies we have a large selection of horse feeds to meet all your horse's needs and budget, so if you are not sure which Prydes feed is best for your horse, you can take advantage of our free dietetic analyseservice. Please check the website of Prydes Easifeed for a profesional evaluation of which food you should use.

The Prydes Horse Feed online and delivered

Thanks and we will get back to you within 24hrs ( "If the order is placed over the week-end, we will get back to you the following Monday). It is the kind of food you give your horse that is decisive. Get your horse well and buy Pryde's horse feed. Select from a range of pellet, wheatmeal, butter, honeys and treacle based on your needs.

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What do you feed your horse for his behavior? To feed your horse to check the behavior is a frequent issue we get here at Pryde. Don't feed too much! So it is important to adjust your horse's caloric input to your caloric needs. Pryde's EasiFeed is a privately held company founded almost 30 years ago.

Pryde's ethic is strongly oriented towards that of the EA, whereby "the passion for horses" is the focus of our actions. Pryde's has a fabulous Australia stud that produces a range of feeds for all races at all ages, whether it is a rider horse in the pits or an élite horse at the top of domestic and overseas competition.

Click HERE to find out how your horse can profit from Pryde EasiFeed equipment and to get in touch with a Pryde EasiFeed Dealer.

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