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Daysville sells Purina Mills horse feeds for all types and ages of horses, including Strategy, Omolene, Race Ready, Equine and Country Acres lines. Now also available in Western Canada Horsemen all over Western Canada have asked - and now we can ship. The Cargill Feed & Nutrition is pleased to announce the formal introduction of the Purina Equine Feed Line in Canada's Prairie. As a result of the successful performance of the Trimax and Integri-T range by our regional equine breeders, a range of 13 different foods, among them the Evolution, Omolene and EQUILBRIUM line, will be available from 1 April 2017.

With a focus on high-quality contents and research-oriented food, these feedstuffs satisfy the needs of a great diversity of equine species, from the foal to the elderly, from the hippo to the high-end horse. "It is a great advantage for our canadian horse to have this high value and constant food almost everywhere in Canada," says Millar, a 10-time Olympic champion and Canadian champion known for being a real rider committed to the horse's well being.

Fodder security is the most important element in Purina's fodder product range. Purina's packaged equine foods are manufactured in Strathroy, Ontario, in a specialised plant that does not use or stock medicinal supplements. Equine Portfolio Manager Stephanie Poupart says that equine managers and trainer can count on Purina for the security, well being and performances of their equestrian sports.

"Our Strathroy factory uses the latest devices and technology to guarantee high levels of veterinary medicine and fodder security. No feeding stuffs containing ractopamine or other medicinal supplements shall be produced and no medicinal supplements shall be introduced into the installation. Poupart says, "This will eliminate the risks of damaging medication contaminations in your pet's food.

Purebred Purina provides nutritional counselling to all equine herdsmen. Purina Connect advisor Jill Dickson, with equine feed expertise in South Alberta, says owner can get personal diet counseling from Monday to Friday on-line and by phone. "The ability to talk directly to a client, ask the right question and understanding the needs of his horses allows us to guarantee feed success," says Dickson.

More information can be found on the Cargill Feed & Nutrition website. More information about Purina can be found on the Purina website. The information is provided by Cargill Animal Nutrition.

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