Purina Equine Feed

Pure Horse Feed

Purina Canada Inc. manufactures complete, high-quality feeds and horse products for all phases of your horse's life and activity. physical education To use the above toolbar, enter a name, number, line, or ingredients. A line of 4 feedingstuffs, reducing in sugars and starches. Perfect for all phases of your child's lifetime, from pregnancy to growing and from early benefit to retirement, all with optimum diet.

4 Series of feed types using our proprietary grain processing technologies. A line of 6 feedings tailored to the specific needs of your horses, ponies or minis, according to condition, temper and power. A line of 5 super-digestible foods with increased dietary fibres from high-quality dietary fibres and a low glycaemic index, among them 3 dietetic and fatty fibres with added vegetable feed.

A line of 4 feed varieties designed to satisfy the needs of recreational ponies, guesthouses and equestrian centres looking for a varied feed adapted to different kinds of ponies. A line of 3 foods specially designed for the needs of the racefighter. The feed in this sector is adapted to the needs of equestrians and equestrians.

The feed in this sector is tailored to the needs of brood mares, breast-feeding mares and foals. The feed in this sector is adapted to the special needs of the adolescent horse. The feed s in this sector is adapted to the special needs of ageing animals at leisure or in motion (horses over 15 years + another indicator of ageing).

Low-calorie foods in this area. May be used as a complement to compensate for total feedingstuffs or as a single feed intake for equine feed. The feed in this sector is high-fiber and perfect for the horse that needs a low-sugar and low-starch nutrition. The feed in this sector is specially adapted to the high demands of racing ponies.

Feeding in this sector is conceived for recreational use. Perfect for horse back rides and schooling.

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