Purina Horse Supplements

Pure Horse Supplements

The Purina Amplify Supplement is a high-fat, controlled, starch-extruded dietary supplement. May be added to feed when horses need extra calories. Pure; added antioxidants including vitamin E to combat the negative effects of free radicals.

This is Purina Mills horse feed.

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Pure Equine Horse Food has been developed to provide the older horse with a full nutritional regime, which includes food, when it has difficulty masticating and eating food and age-related feeds. The Purina® Equine Seniors horse food provides the unique equilibrium of energetic, protective, protein, vitamin, mineral and high value fibre (including turnip pulp) that your older horse needs to keep the right shape.

Plus, the patented technology of Easy- Soak Pellet makes it easier to bite, regardless of your horse's chewability, and is more easily digested than whole grain, straw or willow. The Purina Equine Seniors horse food offers the best diet for older horse. Besides, your horse will enjoy the flavour. Elderly horse, especially those that lose mass due to bad intake of nutrients, tooth decay or no tooth at all.

Such fodder may substitute all or part of the horse fodder used.

Saving $10 on Purina Horse Supplements :: Russel Feed & Supply

You' re never too old for a good deal, saving you $10 on Purina Horse Supplements. Between March 1st and March 30th, purchase a Purina® Equine Senior horse food sachet and receive $10 from a sachet of Purina® Amplify® High-Fat Horse Supplement, Purina® Outlast® Stomach Support or Purina® SuperSport? amino acid supplement. As long as stocks last.

Vouchers are available from Russell Supply & Supply while stocks last. Purina's PhD horse feeders and veterinarians are constantly exploring new ways to meet the unique needs of ageing horse and give your older horse a long, healthful lifetime. The Purina® Equine Seniors® horse food has been tested at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center for over 20 years.

Our dieticians have used this formula to combine all the advantages of the proven and tested Genuine Senior® horse food with the findings of the latest horse sciences. On Monday, March 12, 2018 this entry was published at 8:00 a.m. and is filed under Events, Horse, Horse food, Accessories, News & Updates.

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