Purina Mills Horse Feed

Purebred Mills Horse Feed

It sells Purina Mills horse feed for all types and ages of horses, including the Strategy, Omolene, Race Ready, Equine and Country Acres lines. The importance of rearing healthy birds with Purina Mills Dr. Biggs. The Equine Senior Horse FeedFor the special needs of older horses..


Horse feed Purina (

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Pure Mills Equine Nutrition | Pure Mills Horse Feed

For more than 100 years Purina Mills has been a leading horse research and feed developer. Purina knows that the different horse lifestyles, from fun to competition, and the different phases of a horse's live demand different foods. We' re proud of the Purina Mills product line that horse lovers have relied on for more than a hundred years.

Purina's favourite horse care product range includes the following. Please ask us about other Purina horse feed. The Strategy® AX, Strategy GX and Strategy Healthy Edge - Designed for the horse business. Strategy® fulfills your needs with our proprietary production processes, from plant care to effective cultivation and performance enhancement. This provides a regulated amount of energetic control that the horse needs while having a distinct soothing effect.

This gives the horse endurance, better performances, good fur and good physical fitness. Omoliane-100® Actives pleasures - The highest grade sweetener with "Controlled Energy?" for leisure time use. Enhanced Omolene with controlled amounts of calories has less sugars and lozenges, more calories from plant oils, less calories from starches and no additional vitamin requirements.

The Omolene 200 Premium Sweets with "Controlled Energy?" for show, stud and breeders. Controllable energies mean less sugars and lozenges, more power from plant oils and less from starches. Omoliane-300® Growth - The highest grade sweetener with "Controlled Energy?" for colts and broodmares who are fed with their offspring.

Control-enhanced power means less sugars and lozenges, more power from plant oils and less from starches. The Equine Junior - A new, groundbreaking feed that provides a new way to feed a foal. A" total feed", i.e. it can provide all the nutrition your pet needs. Equine Adult - A full and simple way to feed middle-aged equine animals that are either actively, less actively or easily kept.

The Equine Adult range offers a full range of high value proteins, energizers, vitamins as well as mineral supplements and fibres that are easy to digest. The Equine Senior - A nutritious food that optimally nourishes the less effective metabolism of the older horse to ensure a long and satisfied lifestyle. Composed of preprocessed lucerne and cereal grains that are rich in nutritive substances and can be more readily assimilated by older stallions than wholemeal feed, bulk hire or willow.

Omoleene 400 - A full range of cute food for professional and stud ponies, with built-in food. Formula for show and stud ponies, especially those with allergies to dirt and mildew. Omnolene 500 - The energetic and nutritional horse must give their best throughout an overall show or keep up their diligent lifestyles.

Designed for stamina riders and other hard-working horse owners. Please ask us about these and other Purina related items. Food components of these feed and a feeding calculator are also available in Purina Mills' Equipment Nutrition on-line.

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