Purple Western Tack

Lilac Western Tack

Lilac is the hot color in the rodeo ring this season, and this western horse tack set will be no exception! Pearls Periwinkle Inlay Leather Tack Set. Lilac Aztec fringes set. Chest collar with purple Gator Inlay from High Horse. Fabtron Deluxe Hunter Green Adjustable nylon noseholder, purple.

PURE BARREL WESTERN pure barrel western leathere horsse track set headstall braast collar reins (horse)

Lilac is the hottest colour in the ring of rodeos this year, and this western tack kit will be no exeption! It has a wonderful purple and dark insert on handmade tools, which really sets it apart from the slight and middle-oily colour. A purple border on the chest neck additionally accentuates the kit with brazen rivets.

Rounding off the look are a pair of yellow metal clams and buckle belts on the headpiece, which give it a distinctive look. Heftset is equipped with high-grade steal devices and Chicago screwdriver and reins fastenings.

Mystic Purple Tack Collection for your equine

Lilac harness? There' s something elegance and magic about the violet turn. The cowgirl can soak up the beauties of chest collar, headrests, seat cushions, halter and legrests in this colour. Your horses will be an eye-catcher in the stable and on the showground. Have a look at this line if you need some mystical inspirations!

Purple Mystic with fringes is made of high grade leat. Depth colour is paired with silvery and dark gems and rivets. That mystic pelmet will look good under your seat. Don't miss the Purple Mystic holder. Its gleaming colour makes it your favourite.

Sparkling colour is all you need to attract attention in the stadium. Safeguard your stallion while you' re on horseback in class. It is the perfect choice for those looking for a mystic horseback rides outing!


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