Quarter Horse 4 Sale

Horse 4 Quarter Sale

This yearling stallion from our stud Shire is a beautiful quarter horse mare. 75126 2012 Sorrel AQHA Quarter Horse gelding. 5454. Daughter of Jess Louisiana Blue. 3-Year-Old Quarter Horse in Raymond, MS.

$500.00. $500.

Stallions and mares for sale in Chasin Feuerwasser

TO SELL EMBRYS FROM THESE DAUGHTERS! THOSE: THE MAYS ARE NOT FOR SALE. Purchasers can buy Miss JB 055, Missjbrunninwithfire, Misty Dash Of Fame and Shorease Famous balls. Miss- JB 055, an 8-year-old subsidiary of Fire Water Flit of Juana Dinero, Dash For Cash, is the 2007 $100,000 BFA $uper$takes champion.

Your carreer was terminated because of an accident at the Houston University. A 7-year-old subsidiary of KK Runner's Fire Water Flit, MISSJBRUNNINWITHFIRE, by Shawne Bow, is Equi-Stat's top steed for 2012. She' s Old Fort Day's 2012 Dervby Champion, 2010 $25,000 Fortune Round Champion and a professional moneymaker in Odessa, Denver, San Antonio and Houston (rodeo as a 5-year-old!).

Mizty Dash Of Fame, a 17-year-old Dash Ta Fame dam from Misty Blurr, by Murrtheblurr (TB), is the 2012 Old Fort Days Futurity Champion KN FABS FIST OF FAME ($98,901), MISS JB 0820 ($12,913) and Mistys First Sucess. sir patrick blurr, soul flame, misty blurr ta fame, dasing mistifier, etc. is a full sibling.

A 18-year-old subsidiary of Dash Ta Fame of Shorease, by Sold Short, Shorease, is the maker of Wilderness Circuit Finals Robeo Qualifier and Wilderness Circuit Finals Professional Robeo Winners DEPUTY COMMANDER ($30,637, 2013, plus Rodeo) and Josey Reunion and North Texas NBHA 1D Open Champion Mr JB Fire Fame ($4,098, 2013, Bryan moneymaker Bryan Per Robe, Ix, Longview, Tox, Athens, Tox, etc.).

is a 3/4 sibling of the Short Penny mother of Equi-Stat Leadinghorse FAME FlING AND BLING ($100,000 plus).


You can sell your copy of the book at a later date. That is Lil Mr. Peponita Flo, our 2011 recorded AQHA gelding, with a small but fine 14.3h. He has ripened into a powerful horse. He is a very clever horse with an even temper and always the first to go to work.

At the moment he is riding on a regular basis, works on cows, helps with the foals, starts his training as a ranching horse and rides on trails. That is Apollo 13, our 2007 Irish Draught Sport horse, high and powerful at 5.1 pm. The Apollo is a delicate and willing horse with blood for training and spring.

The FQHR Setemup Checker is our 2012 FQHR Setemup Checker, our recorded AQHA stallion, currently at 14.3 h.h. He is said to be well over 15 h.h. Tate is a powerful, well-built and sporty horse reared at the Froelich farm by Lance and Sunshine Froelich. 2 years ago, Tate was born and bred at the same time. It is a race that is growing into a sturdy, large, deboned horse that is destined to work on the farm.

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