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Horse Quarter Farms

The Heritage Place Quarter Horse Yearling. January Quarter Horse Farm, Williamsburg, PA. It is our goal to raise high-quality "cow horses" for ourselves and to sell them to the public. Are the best Quarter Horse Stallions and Paint Horse Stallions.


It began its main activity with the purchase of Zippos Sheik in 1993 after a ten-year commitment to the show, accommodation and education of West recreational breed. During 2007 both studs were available to the general population and an excellent group of broodmares was born. We are committed to provide the best and most effective services to our clients' breeders and to give their clients' colts as much value as possible.

Featuring two excellent stallions of different (but complementary) blood lines and the further development of an excellent mare group, the company will also breed and sell excellent showjumpers and youngsters on the way to a successful show horse.

Leader in reproduction and sales preparation.

Leader in reproduction and sale preparation. It is never too early to make a plan for this season's yearlings. Some of Granada with the most success are World Champion Blues Girl Too - with more than $2 million in racing revenue, Champion Double Down Special with a win of over $1.2 million and Champion Joanna Kate with a win of over $538,000!

In 2015, Granada continued to grow top-class Texas stallions, purchased by prominent Texas riders, ranchers and business people Pete Scarmardo and Johnny Trotter.

Happy Birthday

Situated on a scenic 105 hectare property in gorgeous Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, our property features 22 stables, large switch meadows, a large open-air clay court, a lawn hunting ground and andoors. She has worked her way through many championship and spare championship tournaments that have been added to the LA Quarter Horse Walls of World Cups.

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We at Summer Hill Horse Farm are proud to take a detailed look at everything. Youngsters are treated every day so that they become respectable and self-confident before they even know what a little and what a horse is. And when it's the right moment to launch the youngsters, Bob Brown provides a calm and natural outing.

This kind of reasoning contributes to his horse education and the management of his herd. The Summer Hill Farms is the perfect place for a young horse to begin on the way to a succesful lifestyle. If you are looking for your next show horse, a feathered Gypsy Vanner or want to run around the rose, Summer Hill Farms is the right place for you.

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