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The Quarter Horse News is the leading news magazine for the western performance horse industry. You can subscribe to the American Quarter Horse Journal or the Q-Racing Journal! Don't miss an issue of the leading horse magazine in the industry! The Ohio Quarter Horse News is the official publication of the Ohio Quarter Horse Association and the number one resource for Ohio Quarter Horse owners, Quarter Horse Journals. Drag-racing on horseback.

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Begin to learn more about horse wellbeing, horse practice, horseback riding, stacking advice, basic horse blood lines and folks like you who like your horse.

It is the biggest membership magazine in the whole wide globe and reaches 280,000 members ten once a year. AMERICA's Horse is available in a downloadable format and can be viewed from your computer at any moment.


Young people from 19 different nations remember the 2018 America Quarter Horse World Cup. Over 770 AQHYA members from all over the world entered this year's Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show for the opportunity to take home a sought-after golden world. This year' s first edition of the pleasures versatility challenge in combination with Lucas Oil World will feature a well-fitted, competitive horse that is a joy to riding.

Alan Hinds, Child Care and Team Member, described the first bustling working day at the Bank of America Young Excellence Seminar and America Quarter Horse Young World Cup. AQUARTER Horses and their equestrians are chosen to compete in the 2018 World Equestrian Games for the United States.

2015 IQHA Magazine

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Fourth Quarter of the year horse

Could a horse race be all that? If it is the Quarter Horse, it can. Quarter Horse, the most beloved horse race in the whole wide range of horses, is above all a horse known for its eventing qualities. Quarter Horse's abilities can be found in every horse sport and in almost every kind of horse sport.

The Quarter Horse distinguishes itself by almost everything it tries, whether he uses his ground-eating step on the race track, wanders through rocks to help a stock farmer in his quest for straying cows, snakes through a stick bend design or gallops a pirouette in an advanced class test. Quarter Horse is indeed a great companion for everything the horseback riders desire.

Quarter Horse follows the way of the country of origin, beginning with its Colonies as a sprint race rider and later as an unflinching discoverer of the Wild West. And here too, the AQH is a race full of variety, with different pedigree lines that focus on very special sports activities.

Nevertheless, the race is flexible, as innumerable owner can confirm their Quarter Horse as a teacher during the weeks, show mount on the weekend and low seasons. Now, the Quarter Horse has spread its appeal to all parts of the world. Ranging from Quarter Horse from Canada, who have found their home just off the US frontier, to Quarter Horse from Europe and even Quarters Down Under, this race has attracted an inspired intern.

Thus the AQH has become the ambassador of its home country. When you are a horse enthusiast, a Quarter Horses enthusiast or a deep breeder, you will love this lovely, factual book which is a great introduction to the Quarter Horse family.

It is a great asset whether you are looking for a first horse that will be a tolerant trainer; your next competitor that can lead you to your objectives; or a level-headed, kind-hearted boyfriend that spends cozy evenings on the trails. When you currently own a Quarter Horse or see one in your own futures, you are one of the million people who know what it means to have a horse for all of them.

Find out how the Quarter Horse became the most loved race in the wide range of breeds. Find out why the Quarter Horse is an all-rounder for every equestrian sport. Hints for the search for your ideal mate. There are Quarter Horse in many different forms and dimensions. Browse over 10 astonishing quarter horse that have made the race story scores.

Remember to show your Quarter Horse? When you are fit for the race, your horse will look its best with these care instructions. Here is a view of the Quarter Horses, which are shining outside the show stable. Set out to see some of these Quarter Horse locations during your trips. Spend a little of your free day choosing the right turn, and your Quarter Horse will show its esteem by making riding a real treat.

These are the necessary skills and hints to make your Quarter Horse look good. Dietary recommendations to help keep your Quarter Horse healthy. Everything you need to know about inherited horse diseases in your horse. Maintain your Quarter Horse in top shape with this seasonal medical calender.

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