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Brooks Quarter Horse Ranch breeds and trains many of the best cow horses in the West, we are located in Jamestown, Ca. I' ve been breeding Quarter Horses on a small scale for 25 years. The Harrison Quarter Horse That'?s Harrison's 1941 old custom. We have a better genetic basis and our products are of first-class qualit.

Our commitment is to the breed, production and education of top performing horse, which proves itself time and again in the arenas and here on the farm. We have a large number of competitions, from classic rodeos such as raping and barrelling races to cut, clean and champ-halters.

Pitch Fork Quarter Pitchfork Horse

I was a dark one with dark feets and no whites and although a good horse does not have a wrong colour, since then dunes, grullos and buckskin's have always been my favourites. Whilst the most important characteristics I am breeding for most of my ponies are temperament, variety, conformation as well as pedigree, my favourite colors are used.

I' ve seen virtually a hundred of them and their heirs. I was fascinated by two of the most fascinating studs, Playgun and Mr. Sun O Lena. I' m lucky to have found two young studs with these two great youngsters and to show the same quality that drew me to Playgun and Mr. Sun O Lena.

As a cowboy in several big costumes I am always drawn by the big ranches and have been to the 6666 farm in Guthrie, Texas, where Mr. Sun O Lena is standing. They told me that the descendants of Mr. Sun O Lena are great ranching ponies because of their cows' spirit and their loose disposition, but still have the "fire" when needed.

Also Playgun has such a marvelous calm mood that he or his descendants are put in front of a cows and we all know that they will do the work and much more. The brood mare ribbon was chosen for the same quality I described above, with some height and good bones.

Over the years many regular clients have had many congratulations about how simple the training of the horse is and how good its cowsense is. As I had my own feeding place, it was arranged so that he could do everything on the horse. Then one of my neighbours came by while I was looking at the pencils and he said to me, "Are you doing everything on a horse?

After all, I said the only thing I have is that I have something to do for my horse. It may have stretched this message a little, but I like good bulls and would be happy to show you my ponies.

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