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For three days, beautiful and talented Foundation Quarter Horses showed their skills with focus, intention and joy. Independent breeding register for the thoroughbred quarter horse, now known as the Appendix breed. Quarter Horse Free Pedigree Search In order to look for a horse in the data base, just type in the name of the horse in the above formula. If you wish, you can include the horse in the service menue. Hopefully, the data base can be used as a useful, free research utility.

Site users get extra functions such as photos in family trees, line breeding and percent reporting and the possibility to create theoretical pairing reporting.

It lets you choose customized colours and typefaces in just a few moments and create advanced family tree diagrams for your Sites.

Recognition of all half quarter horse races

Wherefore should I announce my horse? Because of the great appeal of the Quarter Horse and its enormous variety it was only a matter of course for the breeder to breed their Quarter Horse with other races. With the temper and athletics of the horse, together with its lovely exterior and the wonderful colours that can be transferred to these crucifixes, the result is truly original and exceptional.

Registering your horse has enormous advantages: One, straightforward policy allows us to maintain the race's health while allowing the registering of ponies that may be rejected by other federations or registers. We have many clubs, but we also have many full-blooded quarterhounds.

As AQHA and APHA have several stringent regulations, we get innumerable recommendations directly from AQHA because they refuse a horse application for the following reasons: That horse has too much whiteness. The AQHA does not take horses with whites over the ankle or knees. AQHA and APHA are happy to record every qualified horse, but the costs can reach several hundred bucks if the horse is overage.

We do NOT charge more than $80 (standard registration). If you have any queries or would like to talk about your particular horse condition, please call us at (254) 592-7827 and an authorized dealer at your local horse show will be pleased to help you.

Is it possible to book my full Quarter Horse? If AQHA refuses my enrollment, what happens? Nearly every day the Aarhqhr records full quarter horses. In fact, most of them come as recommendations directly from AQHA, with whom we work very close. If AQHA refuses to accept the horse or the horse holder does not wish to bear the costs of horse registrations with AQHA, the horse owners can use the horse registry service of AQHA.

An AQHA may refuse your right to record your horse for a number of grounds, which include, but are not restricted to, the following: Should you have any queries or would like to review your particular circumstances, please contact our offices at (254) 592-7827 and an AHQHR sales rep will be pleased to help you.

Is my horse qualified for register? What is the price of the registrations? Before you can register a horse, you must be a member of AMQH. The entry fee varies according to the horse's ages and is calculated as follows. If I don't know anything about my horse's father or mother, or if my horse doesn't meet the demands, what are my chances?

It is possible to have your horse registered with DNS.

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