Quarter Horse Sales 2016

Sales horse 2016

The Wyoming Downs All Breed Race-Bred Horse Sale. 2010 Selection Annual Sale & Gala Fifty horse remitted $2,943,500 brutto for an avarage of $58,87037 sells (74%), $2,216,500 net, $59,905 avarage and $50,000 media. 2/28/2015 braun metre (Smooth As A Cat x Moms Stylish Pepto x Peptoboonsmal) ; Beechfork Ranch ; Slate River Ranch.

Lena) (Woody Be Tuff x Smart Letha x Smart Little Lena); Center Ranch.

21/03/2015 Sauerampfer w (Dual Rey x Highbrow Supercat x High Brow Cat); Pro Fit Equine, Agent. 4/11/2015 bay metres (Metallic Cat x Lil Lena Long Legs x Smart Little Lena); Cannon Quarter Horses; Rose Valley Ranch. 20/05/2015 High Brow Cat x Classy Dualin x Dualin Jewels; Darren Blanton.

5/2/2015 Sauerampfer w (Docs Stylish Oak x Desire Some Freckles x Freckles Playboy); Rockin 5 Ranch, LLC; Phil Hanson. No. (17.1.2015 Sauerampfer m) (Dual Tuxedo x Swingin Star Lady x Justa Swinging Peppy); J Five Horse Ranch Mgmt. 2/20/2015 Sauerampfer w (Unique Pepto x Jae Bars Fancy Cat x High Brow Cat); Gilmar Garcia; Kathleen Moore.

22/03/2015 Sauerampfer w (High Brow Cat x Lahaina Lena x Dual Rey); Waco Bend Ranch; Diamond LK Cutting Horses. Lena (17.3.2015 Sauerampfer m) (Smooth as a cat x Lena x Docs style ponds); Doubles Dove Ranch; Circle Y Ranch. 1/11/2015 bay w (Dual Rey x Cat Kist x High Brow Cat); Arcese/Oswood; Glenn/Debbie Drake.

Pepto (19.4.2015 reddish grey m) (Metallic CatxOne Sweet SisxOne Time Pepto); Kelsey Johnson. Pepto once again Pepto one more toy Playboy freckle); Joe/Heather Wells; 3 T Farms LLC bars. 3/12/2015 Sauerampfer w (Woody Be Tuff times Prime Time Kat times High Brow Cat); Jerry Durant; Armando Costa.

4/11/2015 Sauerampfer w (Boon San x RW Rockin x Dual Rey); Beau/Ashley Galyean; Alice Walton. 11/11/2015 Sauerampfer w (Smooth As A Cat x Zee Dualy x Dual Pep); Tommy Manion, Inc.... 24/04/2015 Sauerampfer w (High Brow Cat x Farra Rey x Dual Rey); J.J./Tiffany Manion; Mark Ruff. 28/03/2015 Sauerampfer w (Woody Be Tuff x Cee Dee Royal Tee x CD Royal); Center Ranch.

Greg Smith; Julie Hatchett (5.5.2016 Sauerampfer m) (Kit Kat Zucker x A Little Reylena x Dual Rey). Pepto x Sofie Rey x Dual Rey); Sigala Ranch; VanBoekel/Carney. Peptoboonsmal ); Miller Cutting Horses LLC; David Stewart. Docs Stylish Oak x Sweet Little CD x CD Olena; James Eakin; Julie Wrigley.

Hill Ranches; Gary & Michelle Reichart (28.4.2015 reddish mould m) (High Brow CD x Peptos Stylish Sue x Peptos Stylish Oak). 5/3/2015 Sauerampfer s) (High Brow Cat x The Doctress Orders x Dual Rey) ; Beechfork Ranch ; Select Stock. Fults Ranch (15.3.2015 Sauerampfer m) (Metallic Cat x Taquitas Playgirl x Freckles Playboy); Fults Ranch; Circle Y Ranch.

_GO ( 1.5.2015 Sauerampfer w ) (Dual rotkin x Cat Black I x As A Cat Smooth); Charlie/Denise Seiz. 4/2/2015 rouan rouge (Einmaliger Pepto x LHR Jamie May x As A Cat ) ; Matthews Cross sectioningorses. 5/9/2015 Sweet Horse w (Hell N Lena x Keena Pep x Double Pep); 72 Ranch.

28/03/2015 roter Röan m) (High Brow Cat x Royal Ro ita Rosita x Smart Little Lena), Billy Emerson, rocking P Ranch, LLC. 3/2/2015 Blue mold w (Metallic cat x Quejana Reeves x Quejanaisalena); Janice/David Little; Julie Hatchett. _go ('16.4.2015 Kastanie s) (Dual Rey x Hissy Cat x High Brow Cat); Jeffrey/Jennifer Foland; Dave Patee.

4/9/2015 Bayern (Einmalige Pepto x Hickory Choice x SR Instant Choice) ; J Five Horse Ranch Mgmt ; Carol Anderson Ward. 1/31/2015 Sauerampfer w (High Brow cat x KD shorty x kit dual); Ten/27 Ranch; Plantation Farms. 4/7/2015 Sauerampfer w (Dual Rey x Swiss Cats x High Brow Cats); Jerry Durant.

2/28/2015 Sauerampfer m) (Im Countin Checks x One Time Soon x Smart Little Lena) ; Circle Y Ranch ; June Henderson. Curtis Weeks (15.3.2015 Sauerampfer m) (Metallic Cat x Rio CD Jadayadayada x CD Olena); Austin Adams. 28/05/2015 Sauerampfer w) (Cats Merada x Lenas Stylish Rabbit x Docs Stylish Oak); Furst Ranch; Bobby Gale.

2/9/2015 braun w (Unique Pepto x Travs Roller x Smart Lil Scoot); Miller Cutting Horses LLC; Austin Shepard. Matt Gaines Falling Horses LP ; Circle Y Ranch ; (27.03.2015 Sauerampfer m) (Smooth As A Cat x CDs Masterpiece x CD Olena).

2/28/2015 Sauerampfer m) (Docs Stylish Oak x Olenasduallyfeather x Cats Red Feather) ; TSR Quarter Horses Inc ; Kathleen Moore. 24/03/2015 Castanie w (Woody Be Tuff x ARC Catty Dual x Dual Pep); Center Ranch. 3/8/2015 Sauerampfer w (Dual Rey x Miss Callie Cat x High Brow Cat); Jim Crawford; Glover Galyean Partnership.

5/7/2015 Sauerampfer w (High Brow Cat x Bueno Chex Dual Pep); Hill Ranches; Sergio Street De Aguilar. Pepto x Peptoboonsmal); Beechfork Ranch; Thomas Peterson. 3/3/2015 Castanie w (Metallic Cat x Tapt Twice x Dual Pep); Waco Bend Ranch; Rose Valley Ranch.

2/5/2015 Sauerampfer w (Dual Rey x Smart Kitty RG x High Brow Cat); Mariposa Farms LLP; Circle Y Ranch. MH Split The Aces x San Tule Freckles (5.5.2015 Roter Rosenstock m) ; WR Distributed Holdings LP ; Melinda Gamot (Métallique). Brown cat x Partner remains here x Smart Mate); .

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