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Horse Quarter Search

Locate the pedigree of your horse and the registration documents. A horse's breeding documents can be destroyed for many different reasons. What is the reason for this? Sometimes, if the horse was purchased and resold several orders, a former holder did not pass on the paperwork. Ruthless vendors can resell the paperwork along with a similar horse to add value.

This is not only unpleasant for the new owners of the now "undocumented" horse, but also unlawful. For whatever reasons, it is sometimes possible to restore the registry paper. When you have a horse that is either a tattoo or a brand, you have a competitive edge in the healing proces. Thoroughbred horses often have lips tattoos, and although they are hard to identify at the age of the horse, they offer a means of identifying.

Instead of trying to keep the horse's top lips back and reading the Tattoo, you may find it simpler to keep the lips and have someone take a photo. In this way the numbers and characters can be easily legible while you take your moments and don't have to care about a horse winding.

You can brand some of your horse with a farming tortoise instead of a certain group of people. In this way, the horse's owner can be found and give hints on how to breed the horse. However, some do, and you will find that a clear descriptive text and a photograph will help a grower to recall your horse.

It is very rare to implant a chip into a horse. This requires a specific scanning device for searching and reading. When the information is kept up to date, you may have enough information to keep up with the registry documentation. When you know the horse's race, assume that the horse was already registred and know the breeder's name, the Breeding Federation can help you to ID your horse and reissue the documents.

The knowledge of the horse's name is a great help. You need clear photographs and a short explanation so that they correspond to the information you received as a young horse. A number of breeding organisations calculate for this servic. But if you already have the documents but would like to know more about the pedigree of the horse, there are several on-line data bases that can help you.

is the biggest and includes several races like African Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Arabian and Paint. Others, such as the Morgan Club and the Appaloosa Horse Register, may maintain their own database. Just enter the horse's name and when the information is provided you will find a photograph, the name of the former owner, the family tree and the show documentation.

Sometimes there are several stallions with the same name. Have you found many champion in your horse's family? Keep in mind that a good horse needs much more than an impressing thoroughbred. Thoroughbred horse riders boast that their horse is descended from a renowned race horse.

What is preferable with a race horse, however, is perhaps not so welcome with a saddle horse. Man O War, for example, was a stunning race horse, but he is said to have been hard to ride - nothing you would expect from a leisure horse! When you own a first class horse, there is also a breeding club for you.

Each horse can be listed in The american Grade Horse Registry and is a useful tool for tracking family trees, identifying and verifying property.

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