Quarter Horse Stallions

Quararter Horse Stallions

You can find quarter horse stallions at the stud with our online stallion directory. It is also free to advertise a stallion. Tried-and-tested breeding program with cow horses with speed, good bones, feet and withers ~~. Breeding of quarter horses for performance and disposition. Sunfrost breeding for the long tradition of the big quarter horses.

The stallions at the stud

The stallions are healthy and have collected points in many different fields. Only the stallions with the best exterior and heads, who show great variety as show jumpers as well as stallions or future stallions, are superior. We have two Open AQHA Champions, Snippers Heirogance and Jays Smokin Story.

They must earn 35 points, of which at least 15 must be in the holder/performance class and at least eight during or after reaching two horses. AQHA Champion can be the horse in the following category - Open, Amateur and Youth (these relate to the rider).

Horses must enter in at least two different competitions and collect points. The stallions Jays Smokin Story and Snipper have reached their stallions in Ranch Riding, Reining and Trail.

Horse semen with frozen semen

An enterprise that knows where the supply (stallion), satisfy the need (breeder). There is a two-track structure: a single market and a single selling entity, which can work in combination or separately, depending on your selection. Our help / services can be offered to make the right promotional campaigns or just like a selling them.

We have been helping our boyfriends and small growers for many years to make the right choice, now we are prepared to do a deal with our skills! This is why we know many growers who rely on our work. NOTE: Please take 1 minute to enter your email so that we can update you and all offers and updates we are preparing for the near term......

Bloodline Quarter Horse Foundation Stallions Stud Service Breeding

15.1 Fingers ⢠Sired by:: Music snipper ⢠Dam: The Cinder Gold Bar, grandchild of Mr. Bar None (World Champion Running Quarter Horse), "Silver" is a fullbrother of Concord Music. There are 15.3 of them. They' re still increasing. Cultivate your appetite for a good looking stud with a nice mind, cowsense, sleek gait, tonnes of sporting skills, all dark toes, plus SIZE and the good Blue Roan stain!

That cute young stud is about as well farmed as they come. Lovely exterior, with extraordinary intellect and sporting abilities. Sierra's alibi produced the best-selling 2 year old at the 2000 Hillman and Lynn Production Sale last August.

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