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This is a family business with TB horses. It is our goal to breed for a better horse. APHA &QHA horse training, presentation, catering in Arlington, Washington with Kip Larson & Michael Davis. New professional way of training quarter horses with the best trainers in Purcell, Oklahoma.

Contains data for trainers with at least one start in North America.

Quarter horse coach Trey Wood, Fernando Carrete summing up moved at Remington Park - Horse Racing News

Quarter horse trainers Trey Woods and Fernando Carrete have been moved altogether as a hearings, by administrators at Remington Park after each had a horse test Positive for what runs Oklahoma Horse, Commission Administrator Mike Corey said was an untitled "Class A drug". On Saturday evening, nine Wood and Carrete stallions were scraped by the Remington Park flight attendants, among them Wood-trained Bodacious Eagle from the Leo Stakes series.

The Bodacious Eagle is the property of Johnny Trotter, a former chairman of the America Quarter Horse Association, part of the owner group that recently bought Ruidoso Downs in New Mexico. Leo titleholder Bodacious Eagle is a 6-year-old gelding with 11 victories from 26 races and a win of $843,936.

Woods is one of the top coaches of the Quarter Horse race ended second by gains and forth by money won in 2017, according to the AQHA. The third rider is Blane Wood's boy - who won over 700 events - and Leo Wood's grandchild, who won the 1979 All American Futurity with Pie In the Sky.

Started in 2006, he has won 542 of 2,460 rounds, winning nearly $15 million. Second in the Remington Park ranking, he has won 23 out of 63 rounds in 2018, his best year since completing a coaching licence in 2012. And Corey did not state the date or ponies examining positively and directed all queries to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission.

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