Quarter Horses for Sale in Montana

Fourth Horses for sale in Montana

American Quarter Horse Production: stallions, mares and foals. Their foals have exceeded our sales twice. Cuttings & Reinings horses for sale in Montana Breeding quality-tested Quarter Horses and commercially produced cows. Peptoboonsmal, High Brow Cat and Docs Hickory are our horses. The OSR horses have a very good disposition and we have many opportunities for pruning, cleaning, abseiling, working, riding and breeding which can be sold privately.

All our broodmares are raised on pastures and rear their colts in a large, open area, where they are outdoors.

Fillies are taught to traverse streams, ski down sheer slopes and stay away from rattle snakes, cougar, bear and coyote. It is important to breed outdoors because the fillies are developing in both physical and mental terms. For more information about any of the horses mentioned, please do not hesistate to get in touch with us.

Horses Ranch Rised Performances

The Hancock Silver King is a real founding quarter pony..... And Hancock Silver King has a great willingness to go with his build. HSK's father is Leo Hancock Hayes, who was the last production boy of the great Valentine. Sharon Snappy, his mother, was also a regular filly.

The Hancock Silver King is a colt with greatness, feet and bones and a kind nature. Marek' s dams are good saddlers and mighty broodmares. CAJUN..... is the latest supplement to our battery of stallions. And we couldn't be prouder to have this beautiful stud. He is a descendant of the great Frenchman Guy and out of a Frenchman Guy Cashman Treat daugther, he has grown up in both sides of his family tree plus you won't find that he is a 5/8's bro to our older father, Frenchmans Almost Cashe.

He' a big steed with a big engine. It has a good eyes, a nice hair and an outstanding exterior. We' re happy to be able to present his first foal for us on Oct. 2015. We' d like to thank Kay and Jake Clark for the possibility to own this great steed. He' a wonderful 15'1" hand sire.

One of Dash for Cash's sons, AKA Gold, is a subsidiary of Special Effort. Born in da Cash's stallion line is full of hippopotamus manufacturers. We' re expecting great things from the foal in da cashs in the near term. She is our oldest subsidiary of Frenchman's Fast Pot.

Your fillies have exceeded our sales twice. He' the main character's stallion in "The Legend of Lefty Brown" with Bill Pullman. She' s kind, has good feet and bones and is throwing some nice fillies for us. Duchesse is one of the most wonderful horses we have reared and kept for ourselves.

As a rule, she is the first filly with foals and always gives a good appearance. She' s got Sun Frost upstairs and Hancock downstairs. Ashley Friede, Chinook, MT, Hailey is a filly that came back to us. She' s a wonderful little mallino! She' a dark beaut with very little whiteness.

She is a beaut. She' s kind, throwing well-built fillies with Signature Perks, Dash for Cash and Colonel Freckle on her paper. That filly comes to us Julie Korkow, Broadus, MT. She' s out of Linda' s favourite Cuerno Verde Smokin. The foal tosses nice colts, which are designed for rapidity.

Since she became a breeding filly and has been raising good horses for us at the farm, she has not been missing for us. He is our youngest filly and will have her first filly by our father in 2019. She' s very, very kind and likes to be with humans.

Another of our former mares, Watch Joe Gamble. She' s got him upstairs and Hancock downstairs. She' a kind filly and comes with all the trimmings. on the floor. Molly' the sibling of our stud Black in da Cash.

She' s our wittiest filly... They love to bother our dogs while they sit and guard the yard from horses. She' a young filly with Hancock on top. She' a subsidiary of our stud Hancock Silver King. At times we really have to make sure that the organism we see in the large group of mares is really Petunia.

She is a Poco Doc De Oro mammare. She was the oldest of our horses to get through with a brown filly for 2018. The Speedy is a grey broodmare that is quickly built and reared. A tall brown mares with not a single spot on her, comes back to us from Andrea Rutledge from Big Sandy, MT.

She had two colts for us and these were dynamic colts. In 2017 last year, she brought her a wonderful young mare foal by our stud horse named Schwar in da Cash. In 2018 this year, she gave birth to a breathtaking bay chestnut bay foal by the same father. They could recognise Tenley's name as she was a Victor in the College Rodeo Circuit and rode with the Montana State University team.

She is one of the horses she rode. A snakesnake sting retreats this filly to the broodmare. She has been breeded with Hancock Silver King and we are curious what she will bring with her. She' a filly that has been reared and reared by Reeves Quarter Horses.

She is the last filly we bought from Geno Hunt and she treats us right every year. Throwing a good, strong foule, she didn't miss a single one. Your fillies are kind and easily workable. Their fillies and are usually the first to welcome us on the pastures.

Chester's Bill and Brenda Harmon, MT breeded this filly and we are proud to own her. She' s a small young filly and produces nice fillies. She' a filly who will welcome us on the herd.

Mare and foal in latesummer, early autumn pasture...with the Bears Paw Mountains on the Horizon. And he was a fine father and gave birth to such fine fillies. We bought'CASH' from J-T Performances Horses, Broadus MT in 2011. He' s throwing them well and throwing them well! Will and his mare, Bill Billie, take broodmares to the farm.

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