Quarter Horses for Sale in Oregon

Fourth Horses for sale in Oregon

Application for IBHA and ABRA registration papers. The Quarter Horse Mare Faithful Quarter Horse. Quarterly in Oregon you will find stallions with our online stallion directory. The OQHRA is an organization in Turner, OR is committed to supporting horse racing.

Fourth Horses for sale in Oregon

Location Powell butterte, OR..... Dustysmoks Poco Reed AKA "Gypsy" is an 11-year-old beautiful all-around colt by the grullo family. LocationsForest Grove, OR..... Exactly around 3pm Black Currently not fogged up This cute filly is one in your bag, salute you at..... She is a very energetic filly and has no mean bones in her skull!

It' a really great kid's pony for sale. Opportunity is a very pretty one. Foal 3-26-18(DNA, 5 panels pending) "Smokin Solis Rey" a filly with marvellous temper,... Foal 4-4-18 (DNA, 5 panels pending) "Harlans Odyssey", classically very well bemuskeltes colt. litter. Foals 5-14-17, DNS and 5 panels N/N, Saucer on film. The Sweet Brown Mare Quater available, Welcome to our Software Back Mare, Star is a nice.....

Oregon Quarter Horses:: Oregon

Sales Mgmt. Stallions from both companies were for many years on sale in the area, but in 1998 Bob & Becky Harrell and Wannie & Beth Mackenzie merged to become Harrell-Mackenzie Quarter Horses. Based in the historical Baker Valley in northeast Oregon, these family-owned horses are cattle farmers, stockbreeders, USTRC rivals and quarter horsemen who have earned their livelihoods in the Saddle and ride good horses.

Well-founded, basic rank research and education was the foundation for the horses they were riding and offering for sale. These 2-year-old foals are sold for 30-60 riding holidays under saddles during the annual Spring Bull Roundup. Featuring sires like Billy Red Baron, Frenchmans Bull, Payin Doc and Star Like Freckles, the HARRELL-MACKENZIE programme now produces over 25 foals per year, with the first foals being sold at the annual Harrell-Mackenzie Performance horse prospect sale on March lates.

The owners Nancy and Joe Petterson have built a nice ranch, which is also a Bed and Breakfast Inn.

The owners Nancy and Joe Petterson have built a nice ranch, which is also a Bed and Breakfast Inn. Situated in the centre of the Willamette Valley Wine Country. For over 50 years we have been bred and bred Champions Quarter Horses. Have a look at our horses for sale on our horse sales page.

Our horses' pedigrees focus not only on their work but also on their temper and sporting abilities. Have a look at our outstanding CDS High Five outfit. He specializes in slicing. If you want to put really great workhorses into your next filly regardless of disciplines, you have to take a serious look at this good-looking, muscular fellow.

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