Quarter Horses for Sale usa

Horses for sale usa

It was used for cattle, but prefers off-road riding. And Zoey is a charming little quarter pony mare. Ecuine Reproductive & Boarding Facility in Montrose, Colorado: Stallion & Mare Management, refrigerated &

frozen semen, foal services & horses for sale. Valla Walla Whiz, Americasnextgunmodel, Arcese Quarter Horses, USA. Breeder and trainer of Texas breeding horses, stable horses.

Quarter Foundation Horses

Many people believe that the Quarter Horses is primarily a westerner horses. Though popular in the Western world, it is actually a Virginia race. In 1611, British colonists already raised their horses with indigenous horses, which had been freed from the early Spaniards by indigenous peoples a hundred years earlier.

Our aim is to preserve the "Quarter Type Horse" as it was initially foreseen. Our horses are all offspring of the colts and broodmares that made up the breeding register. Importantly, the offspring of at least fifteen (15) offspring of this foal are the "American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame Stallions" as well as numerous champions and are predestined for participation in almost every event.

Of course we are proud of our horses. They are all raised to exquisite standards and have the exterior, the spirit, the innate intellect, the bone, the muscles and the "good eye" that has made the quarter the most coveted and beloved race in the whole wide range. There is a difference between our horses and the most advanced quarterhorses in that our horses have NO extra thoroughbreds in them over many years.

It is a little-known fact that whole blood has indeed affected the Quarter Horse race, but that many contemporary Quarter Horse are as much as 1/2, 3/4 and even 7/8 whole blood. Just not "Quarter Type" horses, as initially foreseen. We have a bastion for the preservation and care of this race, which has a 400-year-old US-story.

We think that if you start with good cattle, treat them well, treat them often and give them the care they merit, you will usually get some really good horses. Our greatest aim is to breed healthy, appealing and cheerful pets that offer genuine added value to the end consumer.

and we know that you will, too. Everybody would search long and hard to find better quarter horses than those here in Westphalia. Are you looking for the "real" Quarter Horse or the ideal stud for breeding with your filly? Then this is the right place for you.

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