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The Iserman Quarter and Paint Horses. As I said, his mother has many ancestors and his father is a quarter horse. So would he be a quarter horse color?

America's Paint Horse and Quarter Horse "Cropout" controversy

A race, the African Paint Horser, was designed around the check design. It is a race of colored hippopotamuses, like the Quarter-Horserace. Like the Quarter Horser they are also sporty and have a pleasant charisma. APHA is the second biggest breeding register in the United States (based on the number of ponies entered annually).

In order to be enrolled at the APHA, the father and mother must be enrolled at the APHA, the AQHA or the Jockey Club (Thoroughbreds), with at least one of the parents being a certified AA. Up until recently, the AQHA was the place where quarter horsemen could record their ponies with too much whiteness to be approved by the AQHA.

Even though the Association is regarded as a register for pied horse, it also allows the controversial registering of stallions that are actually sound or almost so, the so-called "flawless colours". It allows you to register most Quarter Horse breeded ponies, which until recently were regarded as too known to be listed as Quarter Horse.

Many of these crop-out quarter mounts only have excess legs and/or face marks, but many also have world-class breeds with outstanding exterior, temper and aptitude. In order to be able to read our regulations for registering AQHAs, one could assume that they are as unwanted as a horse with serious genetics! Already now the approval documents of such a horse must carry the words:

"AQHA regulations state that this stallion has unwanted characteristics and is not characteristic of the race. However, for one or two avenues in about 60,000 (0.0017-0. 0033%) these are the same as all other quarter ponies and may have a more perfect exterior than some sound quarter ponies.

As a rule, the funds they invest in their production are high and their farmers are rightfully proud of them - regardless of their "excessive" whiteness - and they want to show and grow them. Adversaries of this line of argument claim that permitting minimal quarter horse crop outs and sound foals bred within the America Paint Horse race undermines the initial intent of the APHA (i.e. the production and promotion of obviously pinto horses).

You have a point, but I trust that these guys will also help the AQHA register such Quarter Horse ancestry ponies. There are often two major reasons for defending the admission of such a horse. First, it is claimed that it prevents growers from focusing too much on the production of patterns to the disadvantage of exterior, skill and spirit, and that many minimal labelled colour horse can have a higher level of qualitiy in this other way.

Furthermore, minimum colour horse can create extraordinarily well labeled coloured colts (this does not apply to those materials that have not passed on colour gene from their colour parents). Secondly, it is claimed to save the life of colts that are either firm or almost firm and could otherwise be slaughtered because of their missing colour.

Hopefully this will help the EQHA to accept and alleviate these issues. Maybe at some point they will be considered obsolete when finally removing the stigmas of quarter ponies with emblems in it. Therefore, race traits are inevitably subjugated to the views (and moods!) of those who are able to do so.

abino is one of the causes of the" crop-outs" of African Paint Horses.

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