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The USSQ offers a number of collective quarters such as State, National Park, Barber & Standing Liberty Quarters! Here you will find the next coin for your collection! View our large selection of old and rare US neighborhoods for sale.

American Quarter

Founded in 1796 in the first US minting houses, the US district has been a single denomination ever since. It is made of many different types of material, has different design and can be a collector's piece. Things are some historic characteristics of the United States area? This special medal comes from the spain tradition of splitting spain bucks into two eight-pieces.

The use of a fifth as a currency is not as widespread in many nations. In 1796 the first quartile was made of sterling sterling steel. On the front was Lady Liberty and on the back was an orca. The USA began to print the coins with George Washington on the obverse in 1932.

Which kinds of accommodation are there? First quarters were known as Lady Liberty Mint. The quarters were made of sterling and categorised by year. First known as the Draped Bust Quarter, the Silberviertel was built between 1796 and 1807. Between 1815 and 1838 the coin was called Capped Bust.

The seat district was established in 1838, followed by the Barber coat in 1892 and the Standing in 1916. Washington would be the last piece of gold that was made between 1932 and 1965. It ceased using sterling in 1965 and began producing copper-nickel quarters. The U.S. Mints began planning three new quarters in 1999: the 50 State Quarters, 1999-2008; the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories coins, 2009; and the America the Beautiful Quarters, 2010-2021.

What kind of accommodation can be picked up? Like with other types of money, quarters can be regarded as collectors' items. Silberviertel such as Barber's, 1892-1916, and Standing Liberty Mint, 1916-1930, are made of sterling argentine so that they can be gathered by historicists and numismatists. Later the first medal was converted into a second medal because it had a daring reputation.

Collectibles from 1932 to 1964 are also part of the collection. During this period, Silberviertel were produced especially for the bicentennial and made of sterling silver.

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