Questions to ask when Buying a Horse

Queries about buying a horse

For how long have you owned this horse? To find your dream horse of Christine DeHerrera, ask the right questions. Never a better time to buy your dream horse. Therefore, the answer to this question alone can mean little or nothing. Being a former trainer, I sold and bought many horses for myself and my customers.

Buying a horse - How do I buy a horse - How do I test a horse before buying?

However, buying a horse on-line gives you so many choices, it is simple to find the horse of your dreams. So you want to know how to buy a horse on-line? For the best questions you should ask when buying a horse and information on how to inspect a horse before you buy, please refer to this guideline.

When you are buying a horse or planning a trip to see a future horse, use this FAQ to make sure you get enough information from the vendor. What are you doing sellin' that horse? Which kind of documentary does the horse have?

Did the horse have any health problem or serious injury? Has the horse got any behavioural problem? And what kind of exercise did they use? To what surroundings is the horse used to? Has this horse had the kind of work I want?

So how many proprietors did this horse have? For how long has that horse been yours? Which kind of examinations and nursing has the horse received? What is the horse's reaction to the veterinarian? What is the horse's reaction to a tournament setting? What is the horse's reaction to other ponies?

Does it normally be kept with other ponies? Has the horse been shoed? At what riding ability would you suggest the horse? How do you keep the horse? Can I get in touch with the horse's veterinarian, coach or blacksmith? Consider this page and ask your own questions when buying a horse and remember: the more information you get, the better your selection will be known.

When you are happy with the seller's responses to your telephone or email questions, it's a good idea to take the next steps when buying a horse: to check the horse. This means for some purchasers to travel to the horse and visit it in private. It is a particularly useful move if you are buying an inexpensive show horse or a stud or other horse that you consider to be a long-term one.

When you can't get on a horse to see your future horse, you can still take the necessary measures to make sure that a horse is right for you. Contacting a reputable veterinarian or horse coach near the horse and ask him or her to come and see the horse on your behalf. Please do not hesitate to ask him or her. As well as a thorough examination of the horse, a number of impartial points can also alert you to possible issues.

They can also order a videotape of the horse walking, bouncing and riding so that you can see it in operation. However, if you are visiting the horse, you will still need an expert coach or veterinarian - especially if you are just about to learn how to inspect a horse before you buy it. You' ll also want the salesman to mount the horse in front of you.

Use caution with any owners who do not want to or allow you to use horse. When you buy a horse, keep in mind that a horse is not only a big asset, but also a being. Ask the right questions and test a horse thoroughly will be a long way to ensure that both you and the horse are satisfied.

When you think you are willing to buy, please refer to our Horse Shipping Safety Guidelines and select a horse shipping comany.

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