Race Bred Quarter Horses for Sale

Breeded Quarter Horses for sale

Bred Yrling Filly. Bred Yrling Filly. Browse our extensive race horse classifieds by location and breed. Our specialty is quarter horses with speed and cow sense. Racehorses in barrels for sale.

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The broodmares are subsidiaries of studs who still lead the way in the motor sport world. We' ve been driving Quarter horses since 1998 and have been gifted with some very good horses over the years. There were a great many teardrops when we dropped our first filly.

In the past we have been stallions, but we have chosen to focus on the "mare power" that balances body, pace, courage and personality on the course and on the willow. Broodmares and colts are living on large enclosures and meadows with water and lush vegetation.

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We currently breed commercially and we have a beautiful range of fast bred top performers. We' re breeding the horses we like to horse. It feels like it took big broodmares to have great foals, so we only did our best broodmares for this.

They are purebred broodmare horses that we ourselves use or have used in the arenas so that we know what they are and we know that they will make what we want as an end game. Each mother of every filly we sell has been handpicked and""tested""" before reproducing.

Our broodmares are distinguished by powerful feminine lines, powerful performances, outstanding exterior and great intellect. In addition to supplementing our filly strength with the brood of a few established external sires, we currently have a sire there. Pablo " by Frostman San Peppy is an example of what a competitive horse should be.

Winning and placing at every stage of the race, he ran soundly and strongly until the time of his retirement at the tender of 15. There are a few offspring on the floor, but he has produced several victors. He also has several beautiful ranching, roping and riding horses on the floor.

Have a look at the sales area for our horses for sale and our race horses for barrels.

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