Race Horse for Sale in India

Racehorse for sale in India

For Indians, I assume you're referring to Indian breeds: The Usha stud farm sells top quality broodmags. Given the constantly growing basis of broodmares purchased abroad, India's premier tree care centre, Usha stud farm, has agreed to dispose of about 18 broodmares to make room for the new ones. Usha Stud Farm's offering is a good chance for smaller breeders to get pregnant strains to fill their herd.

Ushas have had a breeding policies of renting their filly only for motor sport but now, with the changing circumstances, they have chosen to take advantage of the new Indian export policies to improve their tuck and selling the current ones for lack of room. The manager of the Usha Gestüt Ameeta Mehra said that the reasons for the offering of the Gestüt was the inflow of broodmares from abroad.

A large part of the domestic livestock feed industry is now available to farmers as the restrictions on imports of livestock have been relaxed. Although the broodmares for sale are very popular, we need room for the broodmares we will buy later this year.

On the Usha Stud Farm website the broodmare for sale are shown. Note that only the broodmares are for sale and not their weaners, which are later bought separately..." All these years India growers could only buy in Ireland and Goff's sale was the greatest draw.

In November, the sale of the expectant broodmare was a great success with India's purchasers, who sold almost 100 foaling broodmares each year to trendy sires. Now, the Government of India has allowed the imports of equidae from other parts of Europe and the USA following the drafting of a memorandum to this effect.

British Bloodstock Marketing organised a banquet for India growers on the evening before the operation of the Gr 1 Kingfisher Bangalore Derby in July. Tattersalls December sale will certainly have a large India footprint this year. Horse power designed abroad and bred in India is an eye-catcher.

Last year's top stallions were Jacqueline and Becket (the India race schedule begins on 31 November of the year before and ends on 31 October of the following year). Increasingly, more and more farmers in India are being compelled to follow this path due to the growing need for these products.

The 17 broodmarces for sale includeision of India, Husun, Access All Areas, Regal Grace. You can find further information about the available broodmares and their pedigrees under the following links.

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