Race Horse Vitamins

Racehorses Vitamins

All you need in one place to supplement your IV liquid jug for horses, greyhounds, camels and alpacas. For more information on vitamins for racehorses, click here. Mega Mag is a versatile vitamin and mineral supplement that maximizes conditions, growth, performance and endurance. Contains amino acids, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, biotin, living stabilized directly fed microbes, living yeast cell culture and selenium.


Vitamine Blast is all you need in one place to put it in your IV liquid can! You should use the whole 30 ml vial of Vitamine Explosive in at least one gallon of IV equine liquid and you can also pour it into a three gallon brine and infuse it gradually to achieve maximal effect.

Used as an additional vitamin and amino acid supplement in equine, bovine, ovine, porcine, camel, alpaca and pigeon applications. It is not designed to be used for the diagnosis, treatment, healing or prevention of diseases.

Vitamin & Nutritional Supplements

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Vitamin & food supplements for horses, dogs / greyhounds, camels, alpacas, & racing deaf!

Horse Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements online kaufen

As more than 70% of our equines do not receive the nutrition they need from their food or cereal sources, it is more important than ever to incorporate equine vitamins into their everyday lives. Buying vitamins for the horse, it is easily possible to be overcome by the diversity of dietary supplementation available on the shelves.

That' s why we have developed a complete yet succinct catalogue of equine vitamins that optimises and supports the overall well-being, well-being and performances of your valuable pet - without exceeding your own money. When your horse is exclusively feeding straw, straw and eats it, straw and a less enriched cereal or just less feed than suggested due to the pet's height, you will want to order horse vitamins that work in tune with its nutrition.

Properly groomed and properly supplemented equines are often more happy, healthy, live longer and richer and are less susceptible to irregular moods or instable behaviour. Don't ignore horse vitamins and dietary supplementation when preparing your valuable animal's diet and always seek advice from your vet or nutritionist before you combine vitamins with other horse supplementation.

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