Race Horses for Sale

Racehorses for sale

To Be Famous, a son of the leading all-time father "Dash Ta Fame". The site was created for people who only want to sell or buy AQHA race horses. After horse; After sale; After price;

After buyer/seller. Bits & Bytes Farm's mission is to promote the thoroughbred racehorse as a sport horse. Our company produces and sells high quality racing and performance horses.

INTERNATIONAL Colorado - INTERNATIONAL Colorado offers retired thoroughbreds new career possibilities.

Although the official launch of the Colorado was in 2008, it had difficulties in starting the coach-programme. Only in 2012, with the help of some important voluntary workers and coaches on the back, we were able to start recording horses. In the first few summers we offered almost 100 horses for sale, and through our own distribution we have taken over 60 horses to new houses.

In late 2013, Arapahoe Park, in collaboration with the Colorado Horseracing Association (CHA), acknowledged the work we have done with a $10,000 contribution to our organisation. As a result of our successful coach listings, we were able to provide the equestrian world with an extra level of services in 2013. We' ve created the follow-up programme to enable trainers/owners to give their horses to our organisation.

In our programme we are involved in the rehabilitation, re-training and rehabilitation of every single equine. All horses have an individual grooming schedule created by our vets, blacksmiths, trainers and volunteer staff to help the best new home and outruns. There is still growing interest in supporting Colorado's world of equestrian races.

Also in 2014 the organisation of the election was again the one that received a contribution from Arapahoe Park and CHA at the end of the meeting. In 2014 we took more than 5 horses off the course, one of them a Kryptorchid sire. We helped to castrate the animal and improve its prospects for a new home.

Arapahoe Park and CHA teamed up with CANTER Colorado and The Retired Racehorse Project in 2015 to find Colorado's Most Wanted Thoroughbred. The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2015 exhibition was supported by Arapahoe Park and CHA. It is a unique show that brings darkness and increases the need for thoroughbred horses after the race.

INTERNATIONAL Colorado will continue to take part in local and national specific activities to support thoroughbred horses off the race course. Our newest resident, Sweetpeacefuledream (SweetPea), is currently in education and will be shown in Kentucky at The Retired Racehorse Project's 2015 Thoroughbred Makeover Tour.

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