Race Horses for Sale in Ireland

Racing horses for sale in Ireland

Any information you need about the Irish bloodstock sale. You can find horses for sale in Ireland in our Irish classifieds. Horse for sale | Irish sport horses for sale Check out our latest updates for a preview of upcoming equestrian events and keep up to date with the latest developments in Ireland's equestrian world. On Thursday, there were many purchasers from abroad and inland at Cavan Sale, where Wicklow's Daisy Duggan purchased the Corland Wallace for ?9,000.

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American Horse Welfare Association

to give ex-racing horses a better life in the future. No. Vollblutclub has a member status for which there are currently no costs, and it is open to holders, lenders and horsemen of former race horses and thoroughbred horses in general. This thoroughbred club organizes various annual trainings hospitals and trainings as well as a Summer Show Series for retired race horses.

Join today by downloading our full-blooded Club Membership Forms. Every year several hundred horses quit the race. A lot of these horses could be retrained for other events. This thoroughbred stallion is smart and multifaceted and can be converted for many other events such as training, versatility, hacking, jumping, polo. Race horses come from a very busy carreer and it will take a while before they have settled into a new kind of work.

The majority of horses like to adjust if they have the opportunity, and can then complete other events such as hacking, dressage or showjumping. However, they are not for beginners and require a great deal of maintenance and caution. Ex-racing horses should be examined for behavioural or other issues during the first few week.

Horses must adapt to a new nutrition and routines (especially if they come directly from racing). After the start of the riding work, the horses are processed three to four days a week in a mixture of brief flat work and hack work - first in companionship and then alone. Though some ex race horses find this very stressing.

Horses should receive a lot of day-to-day contact and care and day-to-day participation in order to prepare for a new careers that lives in a new home.

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