Race Horses for Sale in Louisiana

Racing horses for sale in Louisiana

Whole blood racing stallion services and horses for sale in Louisiana. Stallions, breeding, sales preparation, mare care and more. At the age of three, ROSE GUITAR became the first operational horse for her father. Gestüt and offered for sale as a yearling at the Equine Sales of Louisiana. For athletes, the race is exciting, fun and sometimes lucrative.

Race thoroughbred horses for sale stallions Louisiana Red River Farms

in the lush hills of Nordlouisiana in the small city of Coushatta. Sun and fertile ground offer a great setting for the growth of solid cattle. High quality standards are a matter of course in the supervision of all horses on the yard. Every border crosser on the Red River Farms is individually looked after by a skilled team of experts.

Red River Farms has been providing its customers with the best support and the best services for many years. You are invited to visit our stud and pension grounds and benefit from our huge stud list and we will help you to find the ideal one. Have a look at the Horses For Sale to see what we have available.

Lute Filly Tops Equine Sales Company's Louisiana 2-year auction - Horse Racing News

A Louisiana-born Midnight Lute subsidiary selling for $77,000 on Monday to outperform the Equine Sales Company 2-Year-Olds in Training and Horses of Racing Age Sale in Opelousas, La. Nite Jean, the bestseller, went to the celebrity southwestern proprietor Carl Moore from the delivery of Pike Racing, Agents. Maifohlen worked on Sunday in:10 1/5 an eight kilometer, just a check mark for the quickest period of:10 fl at, placed by a horse three.

Second highest prize was $65,000 for an approved Louisiana breed from the first harvest of Sum of the Parts. Bloodstock also raised the highest selling filly and the third highest overall as well. Half Ours, an Louisiana stallion, bought himself for $55,000 after working :10 2/5. Altogether 42 of 61 horses were purchased for a sum of 733,400 dollars.

Mean 2-year prize was $18,168 with a mid-point of $12,000. Selling last year averaged $20,308 at an equal mediaian. Two six-digit sellings fuelled this sale, which included $110,000 in flat out fillies called Special Blessing. She just won the $75,000 Equine Sale Oaks last Friday.

This year there were two horses of race stage, which earned a grand total of 6,700 dollars. "Last year's sale was our best ever and we knew it would be difficult to achieve those results, but I'm glad we got quite close," said Foster Bridewell, our Business Development Manager. The Equine Sale Company has two more auction dates this year with the Consignor Select Annual Sale on September 6 and the Open Annual and mixed Sale on October 28.

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