Race Horses for Sale off the Track

Racing horses for sale off the track

Do not list your OTTB on our CLASSIFIED PAGE (on the track, off the track, show horses, etc.!) alone when you get a thoroughbred from the track. And he loves to learn and have a job, which is reflected in his success as a racehorse.

Change your worid... one by one.

The TROTT (Training Racehorses Off The Track) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation whose goal is to provide off track career development possibilities for the OTTB ( Off Track Toroughbreds ). By rehabilitating and re-educating in our own specialist institutions, we make sure that every OTTB donation to TROTT has the opportunity to acquire the new abilities necessary to live as a recreational or competition animal in a non-racing home.

ROTT Trott believes that a stallion with "training" or initial qualification has a better opportunity to live a prosperous lifestyle outside the race track. As well as organising fundraising and special occasions, we proactively look for contributions, sponsorship and subsidies to help the horses in our programme. They have the variety and wish to have another career beyond the track - they just need a little help with the switch.

TROTTT has many ways in which you can make a contribution and participate in our work. 2013 began with many thrilling changes for TROTT.

A second career for racehorses

After the race many former race horses find a second career as they become more and more aware of what these all-rounders can achieve off the track. Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds and Quarter Horses have successfully changed from the track to a new life style as sports horses, show horses or fun horses as a consequence of this growth in race horse retraining.

Phoenix Phoenix Equestrian is a competitive trainer and events expert based in Oshawa, Ontario, and finds that half of the 35 horses currently in the programme are thoroughbreds. In retirement, a race horse can be very worthwhile with its variety and good work morale, but it is important to do your homework to find the best riding horse for you.

Every year, the motor sport sector provides a constant flow of horses that have found themselves at the end of their race carreer. They can start their race carrier usually between two and three years old, up to four and five years old, while some can leave the track with a continuous, profitable carrier after six years and more.

A few appropriate former race horses leave their race career in good condition, while others may have lower levels of problems that can be solved with calm and rehab. Phoenix suggests that you seek the help of a coach or agents to help you with your quest, as some ex-racers are offered at an affordable rate for good reasons.

If you don't have a coach or agents, you can turn to one of the many "off the track" rehabilitations available nationwide to train and place former race horses for a second career. "If you buy an ex racing bike from a respected and respected company, you get the right story on this horse," says Dr. Oscar Calvete, Farmmanager and vet at Adena Springs North, located in Aurora, Ontario.

The Adena Pension Programme, founded in 2004 by the Stronach family, was designed as a programme for the re-training and rehabilitating of former race horses. "With Adena we first take good care off the injury before making the horses available on our website. "Calvete states that by fully disclosing the medical records of each individual and his or her present re-training progress, they can make sure that horses match the right home and ownership.

The veterinarian can help identify any problems that may occur during the horse's second professional life and assess whether the injuries are curable so that the animal can revert to full sporting functioning. "Calvete added, "We suggest a programme that is gradual and rigorous, and always has the horse's spirit and character in view.

Reaching the right dietary fiber and nutrient equilibrium to suit your horse's needs can be done readily with the help of a trained animal food professional. The majority of large animal food producers have a dietician on hand who would be able to come to the yard and judge the horses to help the owners find the best for them.

No matter whether they are bought directly off the track, by a coach or by a pensioned race team. To take the while to help with one's new lifestyle will make the passage to a beneficial ride for horses and riders.

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