Race Horses for Sale Victoria

Racing horses for sale Victoria

Complete information on all horses for sale is now available on the Godolphin website - America - Australia - Europe - Japan. Locate horses for sale near Victoria, Texas. Throughout Australia, Rosemont Stud is known for all race horse sales, including all major East Coast sales.

Racing horse yearling sale Victoria - Rosemont stud farm

Throughout Australia, Rosemont Stud is known for all race horse pedigrees, as well as all important East Coastales. Rosemont's successful business, however, is not only based on its large turnover. Rosemont in March 2018 resold the stallion foal in the Adelaide Magic Millions sale with a Spirit of Boom foal selling for $300,000.

A few days later, we filled the Inglis VOBIS Gold Yearling Sale with another Spirit of Boom gun that earned us $120,000. Our Rosemont specialists were preparing both of our foals for sale. You can see this in our comprehensive preparatory programme for the sale, which has created enormous added value both for us and for our customers, as the above mentioned example shows.

We' re very proud of the results our staff delivers on the sale, and with a clearing ratio of almost 90% and great annual averages, Rosemont Stud horse owners can be sure they are getting the value they expect when they sell their herd. You can also see champions coach Peter Moody looking at Rosemont Stud's 2018 Magic Millions Annual Sale design:

The Rosemont Stud is known at most large annual whole blood sale in Australia. The Rosemont Stud is known at most large annual whole blood sale in Australia.

Victoria Horse Syndicator.

The AFL Final is the first race to support the racing bonus, and the cricket campaign is just around the corner. One of the most important changes is the full-time relocation of Mitch Beer from Mornington to Albury. With Mitch testing the water over the winter, he has decided that the countryside will take him to the next stage of his career.

With Mitch, we have already proven our ability to take the step, and that is an important one. We also have horses in Caulfield with Henry Dwyer and in Ballarat with Archie Alexander. These include Pat Carey in Mornington, Cindy Alderson in Cranbourne, Luke Oliver in Romsey and Craig Widdison in Wodonga.

I hope we now have a large choice of coaches to choose from that are suitable for everyone. Each of our instructors has horses on offer at totally different prices, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are looking for a particular trainer. MBR has chosen to build a "winter stable" in Albury over the next 3 month period as this Friday the 1st of June will see the arrival of cold weather.

Most of us know it can get quite damp in the Mornington Peninsula in winters, so Mitch thought it would be a good thing to have a fistful of horses from Albury for dry runs both at the race and at the circuit work, and of course a shift is as good as a vacation.

When one of your horses is brought to Albury in the wintry season, Mitch will inform you directly or through the Brent Crawford team. It is a solid experimental for the barn as the Albury song has been completely relaunched in recent years and would now be considered one of the best in Vic/NSW.

MBH hopes to close the year with a blast with two month in the running year. This has been a good year with 14 victors for the year, 10 of them from 1 February, since Mitch went out alone. Archie Alexander, the young ballarat coach, bought the stallion from the world-famous Bloodstock agent John McKeever, who said he thought the stallion was a platform and run offer.

I' m excited the filly's gonna stay in Victoria.

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