Race Track Horses for Sale

Racetrack horses for sale

OC Quarter Horse Racing Association. Canteer Illinois - Canteer Illinois offers retired thoroughbreds new career possibilities. As a young woman Jodi could be found on horses in Ottawa, Canada. At the Ottawa Valley Hunt Pony Club, she played in the hunting, jumping and events categories. At the end of her graduation, her coach found an Off The Track Thoroughbred (OTTB) in a pitch just south of Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto.

It was the beginning of a long-term relationship with the whole blood. After her move to Saint Louis, Jodi traveled with her girlfriend Aletta to the Fairmount Park Race Track to see a retired full-blooded boy they found on Craigslist. Though it wasn't supposed to be "her" pony, this trip was the motivating power behind her and Aletta's motivation to restart the then resting Illinois based on her.

Now Jodi is riding and training her OTTB Carter, a then 9-year-old horse she found on the Fairmount Park Race Track.

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On Saturday morning during the race period there will be a number of volunteer members of INTERNATIONAL to help those interested in the track. If you would like to make an appointement for another date, you can call the coach of any of the horses you are interested in using the contacts in the weblists.

Please note that you DO NOT have to go with a Christian to see horses for sale. In case you would rather get in touch with the coach who sells the horses, you will be available on most weekdays (usually in the morning), but you will have to call to make an appointement in order to make an arrangement.

They will not be able to get to the back of the course without a coach registering at the safety gates.

Horse Racing News: Mountaineer to offer 40 end-of-meet end of life test bikes - Horse Racing News

The Mountaineer Racetrack in New Cumberland, W. Va. offers 40 horses for sale this Sunday, November 6th, when their race saison ends, reported Off Track Thoroughbreds. Due to many inquiries from riders for a race horse sale in retirement, similar to the other race tracks, the Mountaineer Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association has teamed up with CANTER-Ohio to provide the End of Meet Showcase.

Many horses are on sale, among them a fighting horses that has run 115 runs. The staff of the Ohio based company has verified on Facebook that all horses on sale are officially completed with the Jockey Club and the purchasers must enter into a signed agreement confirming that the horses will no longer be ridden.

Please see CANTER-Ohio's Facebook page for more information.

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