Racehorse Shares

Race Horse Shares

Purchase shares in race horses with Grand Syndicates and you will receive a weekly progress report on your horse. Race gift packs with days at the races and a portion of the winnings. High-clere specialises in assembling small groups of people who participate in a range of quality race horses.

I want you to pick a stock in a joint stock company today.

It' easy to buy a stock from us: You can use the filter on this page to limit your searching, and then click on a horses to view its history, see the family tree page, the Racing Post page links, pictures, video and their rental or full stock bid. When you find your perfect stockpile, click BUY and we will get in touch with you to complete your stock buy.

Please use the enquiry sheet if you need further information - we will be glad to help you!

Kinematics Thoroughbred Services: Autonomous Race Horse Syndicates

Matt Cumani and the famous blood stock stallion Craig Rounsefell bought a premium foal. Breed on the same SNITZEL / NORTHERN DANCER crossing, as 10 stallions (11% of men runners), among them RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, INVADER, PASSAGE SUMMER and WANDJINA herself. This is the chance to ride a solid, turnkey, won town racehorse.

Possess a stake in a racehorse

High-clere Thoroughbred Racing sells shares in a number of trusts every sommer. Available shares per consortium vary between ten and twenty. He buys the horse for the most important annual sale in the year. Once the horse has been crushed at Highclere Stud, it is sent to its named trainer. Holders have the chance to see their blood stock first at the annual parades at Highclere Stud at Highclere Castle each year and then throughout the year at frequent visitors organized by HTR.

Length of syndication varies, but usually takes at least two consecutive years. Every shareholder recognizes that participating in the partnerships serves to share the fun of the horse and not as an investment.

Shares for Horse Racing - Syndication of Race Horses

A number of purebred horses are driven by Australian Throroughbred Bloodstock (ATB), as they are often called, and the after-sales services of Darren and his Mrs Liz are excellent. Even better, they don't levy administration charges, which means that all ATB racers just walk, wait, and let the horses run.

With Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock there are no concealed expenses, just as it should be when you own a racehorse, and they cover all kinds of budget, be it a high-priced youngster or gallop, or a Darren Dance-selected moneyshop. Take a look at the latest racehorse shares available at Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock and set up your own racehorse Syndicate today!

What do I do to set up a racehorse group? Would you like to set up a race consortium to buy racehorse shares with your relatives or mates? You will then need to decide how many persons will be participating in the consortium so that you can calculate the starting cost of establishing and enrolling your consortium.

The running 10% cost for ATBs is generally around $350 per months for practice and $120 per months for orthography. Remember that after buying and burglary hybrids, they go to a coach and these coaches charge their expenses seperately. Remarkably, current education expenses have increased significantly in the last one to two years, especially for the larger sheds.

Start-up fees for forming a race consortium are a one-time $275 per consortium charge, with an $55 per year extension charge to receive your consortium. Please use the following guidelines for trading up to 20 persons and 5% & 10% shares. Every member of the 20-member consortium is liable for 0.5% of the running expenses per month.

Every member of the 10-person consortium is liable for 1% of the running cost per month. Every member of the 5-person consortium is liable for 2% of the running cost per month. Individual shares of 5% or more do not need a Syndikat and can be acquired immediately. Each 5% & 10% shareholder will receive their owner's name in the racing book and the owner's associated benefits on racing days and will be liable for the total running cost of the shares each month.

Estimated running costs: Explore Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock and speak to Darren Dance to see which racehorses are right for you. Begin with the race on the ATB route and we'll see you in the winner's group!

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